"Tailgate Holiday," Is FREDDY's Latest Original Single That's Gentrifying the Country Music Scene

FREDDY is erupting with the authenticity the music industry has been demanding for years. With her roots being established out of L.A., Freddy is an artist who is not apprehensive about showcasing her vibrant personality and commanding vocal presence. With a well-developed vibe and an innate ability to engage any listener, this California kissed warrior is slashing through regurgitated cliches and emerging as a fascinating musical phenomenon.

"Tailgate Holiday," the newest single from FREDDY, is seductive, dynamic, and perfectly polished. This holiday anthem is dripping with sleek lyrical playfulness that supports the authentic country feel of this tune. Almost as if you've been teleported, FREDDY sends us right into the heart of that excitement you feel at your local tailgate in the middle of summer. As the electric guitar sweep high to low, FREDDY's voice enters the spotlight, a rebellious tone is established. Commandeered by her vocal performance, this song is spilling out attitude and emotion. Before she lays it down into the verse, we get our first taste of that familiar southern guitar tone we all adore. As the acoustic guitar chugs the momentum forward, you'll feel invested entirely into the authentic southern vibe of this radio-ready hit. Beautifully saturated and full of attitude is the best way to describe the chorus as the chime of the piano blend beautifully with the powerful electric guitars. Probably the most masterfully assembled part of this single is the wonderfully surprising bridge of the song. Like sliding under a warm blanket, FREDDY's rhythmically spirited vocal solo, accompanied by the alluring beat of the guitar pick strumming, this section feels like absolute bliss. FREDDY's ability to reach the height of the atmosphere with her presence in choruses and dive back down into a toasty sabbatical of a bridge before the final payoff is something newly refreshing. This is an example of how this song really shines. "Tailgate Holiday" blends FREDDY's grandeur, authentic vibe, and tantalizing charm in the most compelling way. With its excellent dynamics and the continuous addition of new musical hooks at every transition, this song is sure to be on rewind in your head. It is our top grade selection for rockin' country-pop vibes, and it's sure to be found in our favorite playlist this week.

Listen to "Tailgate Holiday" here.

Hey there, FREDDY! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're incredibly excited to be featuring "Tailgate Holiday"! Tell us about the central motivation behind this song. What were you most excited about conveying to your audience during the making of this song? Thanks for having me back! You know I just wanted to create something that felt fun and light and just like a big old party. I aimed to make it kind of silly, and a little sensual, but mostly big and sassy. I wanted the song to allude to an environment that felt youthful and carefree and messy. Basically just like a real shitshow experience when you are drunk and rowdy having fun with your friends and strangers and then the strangers become friends because ya’ll are just have one giant good time! The goal was to have people turn it on and want to grab a Coors Light, turn the volume way up, and dance around stupidly. My main thing in life is always going to be a connection. I want to connect as closely as I can with as many people as I can. And you’re bound to connect with at least one person at a party!

If you were to describe your experience of writing and recording this song in three words, which would you use and why?  Silly! Loud! & Sensual! Some of the lyrics I came up with are so outrageous that you just have to laugh. Like for instance, the second verse I sing: “Pretty drink in one hand. It tastes good when you chase it with butter. We’re getting wilder than a dog gone zoo”. Like realistically no one is looking to chase their alcohol with a stick of butter, but I’m definitely guilty of grabbing like corn on the cob slathered in butter after a long day of day drinking. There’s also this casual nature I wanted to make sure the song had. Like the more specific imagery created, the more boundaries we cross and don’t care, would make it feel authentic and allow the listener to recall their most treasured potentially inappropriate fiesta. You know where everyone’s just like sloppy loving all over each other, and laughing, and just enjoying the moment. You grew up in California and had lots of time to develop your own style and sound in and around the big city of Las Angeles. Can you describe how the local L.A. music scene helped you develop your songwriting abilities, if at all? Hmm, well I wasn’t really immersed in the LA music scene growing up because my mom was very strict on going out. I had a bedtime until I was like 18, was not allowed to go out on school nights, and a really early curfew on the weekends. But when my mom DID let me go to shows, I was always looking for the next reggae stoner festival. I was obsessed with Iration, Slightly Stoopid, The Expendables, Rebelution…for like all of high school. I don’t want to give myself TOO much credit, but maybe I got the bounciness and catchiness to my songs from that reggae-pop style of writing. I do know often times when I bring ideas into the studio, the producers or other writers have sometimes said, “oh that could totally be a reggae song!” So maybe I was subconsciously influenced there!

I went to San Francisco State for two years right out of high school, and got crazy into the rave/EDM scene and went out sooooo many nights because my mom couldn’t stop me! I would dream of being a featured vocalist on a dance track, and try to come up with big belty chorus vocals for songs, but I just don’t think it was or is my forte. I had a session with an amazingly talented DJ named Dillon Francis a couple of years back, but I was really nervous and he wasn’t really into my songwriting for his project, so nothing ever came from it, but you never know what the future holds! You demonstrate complete control over your voice, it seems like it comes naturally. Are there any habits you've been able to attribute to your abilities as a confident and mature vocalist? Thank you so much! I still don’t feel like a confident and mature vocalist! I am always wanting to grow and get better. I used to get so frustrated and pissed at myself because I can’t do crazy Mariah Carey runs, then I heard Halsey talk about vocals in an interview and she said how important “your own voice” was and to not compare, and really to just be you and work with the gift you were given. So that’s helped me a lot, like just trusting what I do more, and the voice that comes out of me. Of course, I also have taken voice lessons on and off since I was 10 or 11, and now study with Eric Vetro, the best vocal coach ever! I’m so obsessed with him. He is so hard on me, but it really has helped me grow tremendously. He’s taught me a lot about discipline and caring for your “instrument”. Making sure to warm up before every show and studio session, in addition to just vocalizing every day. He always tells me, “your voice is a muscle, so if you don’t treat it like your other muscles that you work out in the gym, you can’t/won’t be your best”. That resounds in my head every time I want to skip a lesson. What's the next step for FREDDY? Are you planning on collaborating with anyone in the future? I have lots of music coming out this year! And shows to play as soon as the craziness in the country calms down. The Corona Virus has put life on pause right now, so I’m just staying home and recharging and being present and waiting to hear when everything is deemed safe again. Praying for so many right now and sending so much love out into the universe. I definitely want to collaborate with SO many other artists. Looks like you’ll just have to wait and see!