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TAJ Stays True To Her “ROOTS” In New Track

Straight out of Houston, Texas is Tabathia Ashley Jolivet, better known as TAJ. She is a badass singer/songwriter who knows what she’s doing. Her passion lies among hip hop, but she is multitalented and can rock just about any genre! She is a true lyricist, steadily giving fans slick metaphors and a canny play on words. TAJ’s newest single, “ROOTS” is no different.

“ROOTS” is aggressive, it comes with full energy and loads of passion, which is what TAJ specializes in. She raps fast and steady leaving me hyped from the start! This track makes it impossible for me to sit still. The beat is so intense and lively, adding to the fierce vibe. This track is so catchy and slick that it is a great representation of TAJ’s personality, confident and witty. TAJ is exactly what hip hop, rap, and R&B needs, a strong and talented woman to dominate multiple genres. TAJ’s music is raw and original, so it makes her a great candidate to make it big in the industry. Check out TAJand all of her tracks today!

Listen to "Roots" here and get to know more about Taj below!

Can you tell us a little more about yourself and background in music?

To begin with I shouldnt even be alive let alone cashing my dreams. So it's amazing to simply be alive with the ability to create anything. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression at the age of 19. A few years later i found myself incarcerated, facing 10 years. After becoming addicted to having money the luxuries it provided. And the envy disguised as respect that came along with it. While in prison I began to write and recite poetry. And even writing letters for other inmates. To their judges and mates. From there I started freestyling. As the years progressed my pen game developed. I would sit in my room at my mothers house. With no A.C, the lights off and my 25 dollar speakers blasting. Some nights I couldn't sleep. Not because I was hot or cold. But because I had this melody and lyrics in my head that wouldnt allow me to rest. Recently I found an old phone in my closet in that same room. It has 93 songs saved in the memo pad. That I wrote in 2015. I set there like how the he'll did I come up with some of this shit. Then I said to myself being crazy ain't aint so bad after all TAJ!

What is the meaning behind your dope track “ROOTS”?

The basic meaning behind my single ROOTS is easiest explained within the Hook. I know myself personally i have done things I'm not proud of to make money. Ive lost my freedom, ive lost time, ive lost the ability to secure a decent job in todaya society. I see homeless people everyday stripped of their pride and moral compasses. To obtain money to fuel there habits. Provided by dealers with little to no disregard to the effects of there dealings. In the hopes of providing a better life for themselves and their family. Everytime I turn on the news, people are stealing, killing, extorting, selling there bodies and then some. And when you get down to the root of things. That which they seek will never provide them with what they need.

Why did you choose to title the song “ROOTS”? Is there a hidden meaning behind it?

Why did I choose the title ROOTS for my debut single? After wondering through my youngest years of life lost in the sauce. As some old heads around my way would say. I began a personal journey. I developed a deeper understanding and appreciation for life and evertything within it. To do so I had to strip myself down to my bare roots. And sprout into my true self. Ive come to realize that what I seek is wealth not riches. Give a man a million dollars with no knowledge. He'll be broke in one year. Give a man a 100 dollars with knowledge he'll be a millionaire in a few years.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

My biggest musical influences would have to be. Tupac, Lauren Hill, Marvin Gaye, J. Cole, Kirk Franklin, and Babyface. 

What’s next for you TAJ?

What's next for me? I wish I knew! 


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