Take a Break From Reality With Jindi's Passionate Single “Just a Dream”

Sudanese singer/songwriter, Jindi music is making its way up to the top, and his recent single "Just a Dream" is no exception. After performing at many local open mics across the UAE, it became clear to Jindi that music was his calling. Coming fresh off his debut EP "1995", Jindi is eager to run this musical race for a while. His latest single "Just a Dream" brings us into a hot foreign country through different cultural instruments and his unique approach to what sounds like a blend of reggaeton and pop. Jindi's vocals soar with warmth over the song, and effortlessly emote his passion and love towards someone else.

Opening with serene and layered bouzouki string instrumentals and mid-tempo percussion, giving "Just a Dream" those intoxicating reggaeton vibes you'd find at a nightclub in downtown Barcelona. Not to mention Jindi's incredible vocals that stand out on "Just a Dream," he sings a powerful message of being with someone in his dreams and longing for them in reality. The mesmerizing instrumentals perfectly support his dream-like lyricism, as the textured bouzouki and rhythmic percussion allows us to dream of magical places. Ending off the song with Jindi layered vocals portraying a deep-rooted love that's hard to come by, we can hear every ounce of his emotion through his single "Just a Dream."

You can listen to "Just a Dream" here.