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Take a Deeper Look Into, "What If You Couldn't Get It Right," From Baghead

Baghead’s production offers a fresh take on sampling that bends the constructs of rhythm and time.

Based in San Francisco, Baghead’s sound blasts with vibrant melodies and harmonies that are coupled with a measured choice in the percussion that lets the listener get lost in loops that widen into full compositions.

Committed to the bubbling artistic renaissance in the Bay Area, Baghead dedicates his efforts to create a sound and narrative diverse in style and perspective that the world can relate to. Clearly influenced by the sounds of the past and present, Baghead stands firm in delivering his own muddy, yet crisp and eclectic grouping of resonance lost in the library of records.

Whirling in a pool of magnetic waves, Baghead puts forth his latest single, “What If You Couldn’t Get It Right.” In the extensive escapade of serene environment meets jovial energy, Baghead allows this masterpiece to shift to innumerable points in the sonic extravaganza that he radiates. Almost purely instrumental, there are intricate layers of vocals hidden in the mix that dabble in the poignant essence displayed in, “What If You Couldn’t Get It Right.”

Capturing classical inspiration from the moment the song commences, we transition into the comforting sedation of Lo-fi golden hues, sitting on the line of lounge-like effervescence. That’s not where the end of the development, completing the ventures with a warm acoustic styled embrace has us impressed with the versatility that Baghead flexes so effortlessly. What catches our attention, even more, is the fact that all of the transitioning appeals to various groups of onlookers that share one thing in common, they love the distinct auditory journey that Baghead sends them on.

If this is a taste of what he’ll be offering up on his full-length album, "Dedicated To Those Who,” then we have to lay down our disclaimer now; you’re going to swoon over the sounds of Baghead.

With the layers that are present in this masterpiece, what was the inspiration behind this creation?

I was inspired to offer listeners a way to relax while simultaneously being engaged and focused on a recognizable LoFi feel, and my own fresh unique take on chopping samples. I wanted to show the diversity of my sound by offering two beats in one. One that oozes a sound that lets listeners zone out, and another that leaks some bounce over a mellow guitar chop.

Could you please share a glimpse of the creative/recording process that you entailed in the making of this song?

Im committed to my craft, and my process is an everyday thing. This single came out of my consistent labor of love for music. Hours spent in the studio creating compositions that will provide the audience an opportunity to engage with any emotion they need to engage with. In this particular case, I was able to create a piece of art that I believe will let my supporters take a deep breath, and feel into a necessary deep sigh. I also threw in some Young Thug acapella chops so as to create a little fun in that sigh of relief. Finally, the second beat gets you ready to transition from the deep sigh into an ability to be awakened while relaxing with a groovy bounce over serenading guitars. This is my process. I create and I think about what my creations will be able to offer my audience.

Do you have a particular part of the creative process that you enjoy the most?

I enjoy creating the final product. The moments of frustration, confusion, patience all end in a beat that makes me feel fulfilled and accomplished. I always feel charged to continue on my path to stand out as an undeniable and original talent. I tweak out and dance around the studio. I Make up little harmonies and raps that fit what I just released. It's my moment of relief, and a chance to feel proud of myself.

You’re set to release your full-length album, “Dedicated To Those Who.” Is “What If You Couldn’t Get It Right,” a glimpse of what we can expect in terms of the desired sound on this project?

"Dedicated To Those Who" is my greatest work to date and it will offer listeners a sonic understanding of my crafted sound. "What If You Couldn't Get It Right" offers a glimpse, but that's it honestly. There are many styles present in my upcoming album and it shows how diverse my skills are. The album ranges from charged trap-like sampled beats to moody LoFi feels. However, within this spectrum, I glue all these varieties of styles together with ease. My sound is reverberating, and everything that I produce has a groove, and creative spark that creates alignment. Furthermore, I use sound clips from interviews, and my own personal recordings of my life to bring into question the role that artistry plays in community, love, and revolution. This project is cinematic. It is a statement of my intention as an artist. To push people to heal, enjoy life, and question what their role is in creating a better world.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

I believe deeply that art is spiritual, and I have found my calling. There is an inexplicable power that emanates from music. It has the power to change who people are, and it gives them the tools to change themselves. I love deeply the power and peace that I feel when I am proud of my music. It's not something I'm going to leave behind, and I am more committed than ever to create a career for myself with music and to feel fulfilled in my life because of my dedication to music.

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