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Take A Dip And "Go Swimming," With K-per Lucem's Latest Banger

From East Harlem, New York, songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop recording artist K-per Lucem invites us to "Go Swimming" in his drippy lifestyle with a new wavy single.

Born Dana Farmer Jr, K-per Lucem, also known as Kape, left college and never looked back, leading him to create his label and lifestyle brand Realer State Entertainment alongside his younger brother. Having played saxophone since high school, music was always coursing through his veins, resulting in consistent and conceptual hits.

Taking us for a dip into his wavy lifestyle is the new single, "Go Swimming," where we hear K-per Lucem showcase his extravagant lifestyle and the hard work it took to get him there. The song's production is undeniably heated, keeping us locked in with the haunting vocal samples and heavy hip-hop drums while K-per Lucem puts on his memorable and exciting performance.

Hitting play on the new single, "Go Swimming," the track opens with ghostly vocal samples that rain down from the background alongside effects of waves crashing on the shore. As the powerful mid-tempo hip-hop drums begin to pierce our speakers, K-per Lucem makes his dominant vocal appearance and expands on the spinning waves underneath his durag.

We can't get enough of K-per Lucem's confidence, it's not only infectious, but it keeps our undivided attention locked in. The song's production is another fiery aspect; however, K-per Lucem's waves could easily put that flame to bed. His flow is incredibly rhythmic and concise, and his top-tier articulation and enunciation make it easy to rap along.

Take a dip in the waters of K-per Lucem's with his latest drippy single, "Go Swimming," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, K-per Lucem. We've got our suits on and we're ready to "Go Swimming" into the waters of your latest single. What inspired you to write such a confident and poised single like this?

I was inspired just by being a true waver, you know. One day just ordering durags & pomade thinking "it would be dope to make a song for people like me to 'wave check' to unrag to." I grew up in Harlem, NY, so I guess it comes naturally for me to have a certain kind of confidence. I'm a very chill & humble dude if you knew me but it was my every intention to display that on the record.

Who produced the wavy sonics for "Go Swimming"? What was it about the beat that attracted you in the first place?

My boy, Ev James, made the beat. We usually lock-in & cook upbeats in the lab but this beat he played for me with a couple of others during one of our sessions. The first time he played it for me, it didn't really put me in a zone. It wasn't until we locked in again after making that order for some rags when I thought it would make a dope beat for a wavy record.

Was it easy for you to write such conceptual and confident bars for "Go Swimming"? What was your songwriting process like?

Writing the lyrics for "Go Swimming" was easier compared to a lot of my other songs, for every record it's a different process. There are some records I haven't even written let alone recorded because I'm just not set on which way to take them. That's when focus and patience come in. But when the time is right, that's when it all comes together and the magic happens.

Do you usually create tracks that are more exciting and authoritative, similar to "Go Swimming"? Would you say you're known for making this kind of stimulating sound?

It really depends on how I'm feeling and the energy before and during recording sessions. I enjoy making music surrounding certain topics like my personal favorite hairstyle or watches. It's not often I go into the studio without an idea or concept and see what happens. I'm a multifaceted person so I try to stay diverse and push the envelope when it comes to creating. When people with different interests appreciate my music, it just adds filling and icing to the cake. I've been making music for years and have no intention of stopping. I and my team are going to bake regardless cause making music is what we love to do, it's how we keep our cups full & stay sane, haha.


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