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Take a Funk Driven Trip Through Nostalgic Eras with, "Salute You"

Massachusetts-based rapper Arichussettes got into Hip-hop around the age of five when he found a Walkman in a Mesa Arizona park. He became influenced by West Coast rap and then East Coast after moving to Massachusetts.

Soon after, he began freestyling at house parties and was encouraged to try his hand at the rap game. He combined his two home states to form his name and began creating buzz around his sounds as he played shows opening for artists such as Onyx, Snowgoons, and Army of the Pharaohs.

Fresh off of his most recent release, “Salute You," Arichussettes recruits Rockness Monstah of Heltah Skeltah to portray the larger-than-life sound heard on this powerhouse of a record. With the instrumentation basking in a nostalgic Funk-fueled universe that calls to a timeless era of creativity, we automatically take a plunge into the buoyant leap of talents that shape the artistic versatility Arichussettes effortlessly displays.

Arichussettes drips his new wave charisma into this song by riffing about his obsession with guns and the lifestyle surrounding them. Accompanied by the cinematic component of a music video that cinematically embraces a Parliament-Funkadelic ambiance, the “Salute You,” visuals are planed tongue and cheek and meant to feel like a spoof on the neo-noir gunplay films of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. As he masters the art of being an emcee, the empowering juxtaposition that Arichussettes applies to his verses is unmatched.

He rides the motion of each punch and groove formed in the beat as he provides listeners with a colossal sound found oozing from his rhyme schemes. The dynamism with Rockness Monstah meshes in purified fluidity. The skillset that these emcees offer weave together to put forth a top-quality product that has listeners moving to the beat of their own drum in “Salute You.”

What was it like working with Rockness Monstah of Heltah Skeltah in order to give this track its desired sound? How did this collaboration come to be?

A buddy of mine XL of the Creators linked me in with Rock. I sent two tracks and he was feeling them both so we made it happen. I wanted to release this one first because I already had a vision for the video and wanted to get to work immediately. I'm a fan of Rock and he's a legend to me so it was a big deal for me to get him on the track.

Could you please take us into what the vibes were like on the set of the music video shoot? How long did it take for the full masterpiece to be pieced together?

We had a blast doing the video. Everyone had a lot of fun dressing up in the seventies clothing. It was nice to see everyone dancing and goofing around and having a good time. It took about 5 hours to get the shots and Sando had the video to me about 12 days later. The entire video was shot in the WhyLie Studios.

How does “Salute You,” hold up to other songs available through your music catalog?

"Salute You," was the perfect edition to me for my catalog. I already have a few funk vibe songs so this was like taking it to the next level for me.

Are there any memorable moments from the entire production that makes “Salute You,” that much more special to you?

This video was a little more special to me because I had all my friends in it paying the parts. It's nice to have homies come through for you because without everyone it wouldn't have been possible. Definitely the most fun I've had shooting any video.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Up next I got 2 solo singles ready for April and one for May. Then in June, I will be putting out the second track with Rock and I also got Block McCloud on the hook with a more personal storytelling track.



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