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Take A Journey Through The Story of StonedFox

StonedFox has a story that needs to be told. A story of the cruelties of mankind and his struggle against the forces that drive him. The story starts with a tale of two lovers, the fox and his vixen. One night as they hunt for hunters, they were hunted and he lost his gal. Broken hearted and torn down vengeance filled his mind. As he silently took a life for the life he lost, he carried on with this pattern for years. Eating medicinal herbs and the mushrooms of the forest to cover the hurt and pain. Until one day as he laid down thinking this was the end, he was spotted by hunters.  Ready for one last fight a female tracker stopped the hunters. And instead took him into their camp, bathed him and fed him good. Showing him love and taking him with them as they travel the forest. Years had gone and one day she took him into the woods and he knew this was the moment they had to part ways. And as they embraced and parted ways the elder whispered “Go now StonedFox your spirit has returned.”

A story like this is one that entices you to really dive into the life and spirit of the StonedFox. And that is exactly what we will do.

I chose the track “Buckets of Blood” on the album Deadman’s Wonderland and I am glad I chose that one. It’s track number two and you can hear the pain through and through. Although his vocals are magnificent, he does a wonderful job of evoking the strong gut wrenching emotion through this track. Along with the lyrical composition matching up perfectly. The production with the heavy guitar and what sounds like an organ really brings out the feeling of the track. Taking you through a story of bloodshed and the pain of what was. As this track closes I am left to want to hear more. Classic ending and wonderful transition into the next track.

Listen to "Buckets of Blood" and the full Deadman's Wonderland album here.

Hello! If you would please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello gals and guys! Im stonedfox a Canadian alt-folk songwriter! Getting through life one sad tune at a time.

How long have you been creating music?

I started writing poetry and lyrics pretty young probably around 8 or so. I was then able to get my hands on an electric guitar at 13 and christ there was nothing better then that feeling of putting chords to your own words, I haven’t stopped since.

What musical inspirations do you pull from?

I try to pull inspiration from everywhere movies, conversations on the street, nightmares you know?!? But musically I usually stick to those songwriters with something to say or who are good at creating there own world. My most loved are people like Nick Cave, Warren Zevon, Elliot Smith and Elvis Costello ! Oh and any girl band who sings like a Disney soundtrack I love First Aid Kit! 

In so many words, can you break down the message behind “Buckets of Blood”?

I was going through a horrible time and losing lots of friends due to my own behavior as well as trying to claw out of my own addictions and start over, so the song deals with loss and despair but it also has elements of a kind of rejoice I suppose you can hear me trying to build a better life by putting down the bottle in the line “i’d take a broken glass or an empty cup cause one drink to me is never enough”.

What were some of the challenges when you were writing "Buckets of Blood"? How did you overcome these challenges to create the best possible result?

In terms of coming up with material I have no trouble. Right now I'm a few albums behind because when your on the run and only partying you are lucky if you have the sense to write down lyrics like I did. But challenges for this recording was that it was done in a tiny basement apartment with no light on an ancient Imac that kept shutting down if I had anything over 8 tracks recorded! Also I was coming off medication and that was a nightmare I couldn’t trust my own ears so I kept mixing and mastering like a maniac! I'm sure some people will say it sounds rough but I tried my ass off because I couldn’t afford to do it any other way. And I love that idea that I can keep getting better this record is just the start! 

What can your fans and our readers hope to get from you musically this year?

This year and every year after I'm kicking the door wide open artistically for myself! I'm gonna keep writing and recording from home and really try to up my production value I want to make the best art I can! Also I want to work with anyone who is digging what I'm doing online, to be able to work with musicians from all over is such a beautiful luxury. I'm hoping to put together another band like I had in NYC and give my material a bit of a harder edge and have fun playing shows again. thanks to everyone at BuzzMusic for this interview they have a wonderful team who actually put music before money and that's really rare nowadays xo -Fox


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