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Take A listen To “Love Oasis” By Yashae

Yashae, an urban pop songwriter who is marrying her love for hip-hop and soul to create music that is both refreshing, relatable and reflective of her Caribbean nature. Her single “Love Oasis” was a beautiful and riveting song to me. I really was able to intune myself into her lyrics and I was able to connect with the music on a more personable level. “Baby I'm trying, I'm trying so hard to understand” the hook sings. What I interpreted from this record is that the main character being Yashae is fed up with the dishonest lies and games she’s receiving from a man she knows is capable of better. She gives in all effort and tries to not just throw in the towel because she not only has faith in him but faith in them both. It’s a song many people will be able to vibe out with because sometimes all we need is a song to vent for us and allow our emotions to roam freely while they rap or sing authentic lyrics that happens in our day to day lives. Yashae delivers that with her sultry and raspy vocal resonance and melodic RnB trap beat.

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