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Take a Long Look in "The Mirror," With Valdii's Reflective Single

Canadian Pop Artist and Singer/Songwriter Valdii releases an exhilarating single that gets us on our feet with his recent single, "The Mirror."

Best known for his recent endeavors with Eleven Past One, Valdii is ready to shine independently. While working with Eleven Past One, the band saw incredible success through their gold-selling single "The World Is Ours," which also garnered over 1M views on YouTube and was regularly rotated throughout Canadian radio. Gearing up for his solo releases, Valdii is taking his past experiences and using the knowledge he gathered to fine-tune his solo career.

Speaking on Valdii's latest release, "The Mirror," the upbeat Pop banger was produced by Brain Howes (Simple Plan, Serena Ryder, Nickelback, etc.) and is incredibly tight in sound and arrangement. While Valdii sings a highly reflective message of facing oneself in the mirror and meeting adversity head-on, he's genuinely channeled a bounty of emotion that listeners can quickly grasp.

"The Mirror" begins with Valdii's sweet falsetto accompanied by an airy background synth arrangement, a steady bassline, and upbeat drum patterns. As the chorus rolls around, we're able to feel this uplifting sense of optimism through the surreal instrumentation/production; however, Valdii sings more of a bitter message.

Listening to his lyricism, he brings forward themes of living alone in a quickly-paced world and enduring life's trials and tribulations while putting on a smile for society. Listeners are bound to relate to Valdii's sound lyrical message as he delves deeper into introspection for us to feel a sense of belonging and security.

We truly admire the dynamic tones and elements that Valdii has infused into his recent single, "The Mirror," as he brings listeners into a reflective atmosphere while pushing the song with the utmost exhilarating sonics.

What inspired the concept behind your single "The Mirror?” What did you want to get across with your lyricism?

"The Mirror" is a very personal and special song to me. It’s very honest, and it stems from the disgust I had with myself at a very low time in my life. I loved myself and hated myself all at the same time. There still are things that I don’t like about myself but don’t we all have those. But I wrote this song about the times when I would actually look into the mirror late at night and realize things about myself, things that I hated, things that I loved. I know it doesn’t make much sense loving and hating something all at once, but I did.

Speaking on your single "The Mirror," why did you choose to portray this sort of contrast within your reflective lyricism and the song's upbeat production?

I wouldn’t say this song is upbeat, it’s sort of mid-tempo. I think it fits. When we were writing this song, the skeleton of the beat was simultaneously being created while writing melodies and lyrics. Everything just sorts of meshed and went together with the way they did, and we were very happy with the outcome, not only sonically, but as a whole.

How did Producer Brian Howes help bring "The Mirror" to life? Did you take anything away from the song's creative/recording process?

Brian is a master at pulling things out of me that don’t normally come out of me on my own. Lyrically, vocally, sonically, he just gets me. I admire him. I was a little nervous explaining some dark times in my life that have been kept secret, but I had to let Brian in on them to really dig deep. So I guess I can say that the take away from this process was that I was able to feel comfortable opening up more with Brian and I think that’s extremely important if you’re going to be writing so much music with a person. As a matter of fact, I’m sitting in the Calgary airport as I type, on my way to Vancouver Island to write with Brian for the next 4 days.

Do you normally create such dynamic Pop songs like "The Mirror," that grasp the listener's attention with relatable lyricism? What sort of themes do you tend to touch on within your music?

Listen to some of my other music, you tell me! Haha, I think I've created some other ‘dynamic Pop songs’ other than the Mirror. How about ‘I Learn’ for instance. I tend to touch on more positive themes I would think but there are obviously some negative things to life and just other topics like stuff that’s going on in the world that I write about. I believe if I were to sit down and write a full album there would most likely be more of a theme. I have been putting out singles that will end up on an EP, the theme being The Mirror, just taking a look into my life.

What's next for you?

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m on my way to write more music! I have music that is ready to be released in the new year and I can’t wait to create more over the next little while! There’s a music video for The Mirror in the works as well.



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