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Take a Page Out of hunnaRIP’s “Playbook”

A rising, Los Angeles-bred Hip-hop/Rap artist hunnaRIP is quickly making an impact upon the culture.

Creating his own flair, hunnaRIP is a musician who is not afraid to approach growth hands-on. Influenced by life experiences, he radiates an aura of value that transcends audiences worldwide. Through his strong melodies and message-heavy lyricism, the talented songwriter paints a blank canvas that radiates raw emotion over explosive instrumentation.

His latest single “Playbook,” falls right into the scheme of hunnaRIP’s charismatically weaved soundscapes. He manages to put his best foot forward as he stomps upon the mainstream, new-wave generation of Hip-hop that is sweeping the airwaves.

Providing us with a hunger in his vocalization, we drift through the impeccably timed bars that are a direct reflection of the lyrical dexterity hunnaRIP carries forth with him through his repertoire of bolstering tracks. “Playbook,” hones in on the clever execution that he has in place, as it continuously leaves us in a state of awestruck with each witty quip he leaves on the table.

With a lyricism that is equally playful as it is braggadocious in the unmatched swagger hunnaRIP portrays, the consistency of the confidence that surges through the speakers is something that we all want to get our hands-on. Pairing his brightly illuminated persona with an instrumentation that emphasizes the intents of “Playbook,” we feast upon the various textures that surface with his punchy cadences, and inimitable rhyme schemes.

Inflicting an empowering sense of liberation into his listeners worldwide, hunnaRIP has us eager to learn the words of “Playbook,” as we rap it back to him on full blast.

Congratulations on the release of your latest track, “Playbook.” We love your performance throughout this whole song! What inspired the lyrical content that you can be heard rapping about?

Thank you, appreciate you guys! I’m glad you liked it. My inspiration behind the lyrics comes from multiple real-life experiences combined into one song. Long story short, I’ve drawn up a new playbook & I’m recruiting new playmates.

In your own words, what does “Playbook” mean to you? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from it?

“Playbook” has a double meaning. For one, it’s a strategy I have outlined which will help me get things done in a more efficient way to advance my career. But in this song, it more so refers to a new potential mate who has problem-solving-like qualities. Someone who can assist me with executing the plays I have drawn out. So for those listening for a message, there is plenty to take away from it. Create a playbook, meet top-tier friends who share similar interests, and stick to the script . . or should I say play.

With such a unique sound that stands out from the music that we hear today, what musical and non-musical inspirations do you take into your creative process?

That’s a great question. Musically, I crack open the MacBook & open my DJ software. I have to listen to some of my favorite songs with a slowed tempo. I listen for the melody of the artist’s vocals & the key he/she sings in. Then I blend it in with other beats. It helps me slow my thought process to where I can create without feeling overwhelmed. I also listen to songs I grew up on and see what the lyrics mean to me nowadays. Sometimes I can relate to them, which leads to me taking that message and modernizing it for the new-gen. From a non-musical stance, I read a lot of good books which transform my ideas into scenarios that are likely to occur. Movies also but not as much.

What is the main message you hope to send across to your fan base?

Everyone loves a good massage. So, my aim was to get my fan base to understand that there’s nothing like a good significant other. Someone who sweeps you off your feet. Take your time though. Map it out. It’s a playbook full of Xs and Os. If it doesn’t work out, dust yourself off and try again.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

I’m actually in the works of shooting a new video for a new single coming out just in time for summer. We want to have fun too! We don’t just want to limit ourselves to “wining & dining”. It’s a whole world out there.


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