Take a Psychedelic Ride With Paper Foxes

Being deemed the best-unsigned band in Arizona, right around the same time they were getting signed, Paper Foxes contracted with buzzy Phoenix startup Hookworm Records to record a limited-release single.

While the whole band credits Hoag with refining their sound, it's clear how much of the exclusive release of "Power Out" produces abstract imagery with the grim urgency of a vocalization that is all too real.

"Power Out" resonates with us as the high voltage intensity of this record allows our minds to sway into the intoxicating grooves present in the mix. The seamless blend of colossal percussion patterns, mind-altering rhythm, and opulent guitar riffs that bend through the indie-rock spectrum have us entranced by the ultimate rhythmic punch instilled into this composition.

As the instrumentation tours you through a universe that hones in on psychedelic tenors in an upbeat realm, the mellow essence of the lyrical motifs cast out a tale of a tough night spent in Tent City. With imaginative hues weaved into each word carefully crafted, the powerful tones in the lead vocal bring an impeccable balance to the otherwise deep and mellow sound they portray.

We admire the creativity that comes pouring out of Paper Foxes as each instrument illuminates a nostalgic cloud of reminiscent tones to make up the sonic construct of this record. Pushing into the ultimate appeal of the song that much more, "Power Out" has us hooked on the band's dynamic as they continue to navigate us through effervescent energy depicted by memorable personal experiences.