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Take a Sonic "Vacation" with Desperate Electric's Latest Hit

Soaring in from Montana, the electro-soul duo Desperate Electric has us dreaming of a needed "Vacation" with their latest lively single.

Consisting of Ben Morris and Kayti Korte, the two fuse their vast influences from past decades to create a sound that's both contemporary and nostalgic. Combining live instrumentation with scorching electronic beats, Desperate Electric is more than ready to take listeners on a sonic escapade.

Highlighting their latest single, "Vacation," Desperate Electric expands the song's sonic atmosphere with punchy drums, soulful guitars, and unique vocal arrangements. While Kayti Korte delivers her powerhouse vocals that take us back a few decades, Ben Morris adds a perfect modern twist through his playful vocals and contemporary undertones.

Listening to "Vacation," a sharp electric guitar arrangement takes the lead accompanied by crisp electronic drum breaks. Once Ben Morris makes his vocal appearance while singing about losing his sanity and dreaming of being on vacation, Kayti Korte enters the song and offers a brilliant and upbeat harmony. We love the energetic and lively feel of this single, it truly takes us to warm and exotic places we wish to experience.

Through short synth bursts, various sound effects, and tight drum arrangements, the sonics glimmer and gleam with nothing but warmth and enthusiasm. Reaching the outro, Kayti Korte takes center stage and sings her slightly filtered vocals that remind us of influential soul/r&b acts of the past.

Indeed a song to get you dreaming of a "Vacation," Desperate Electric is continually finding new ways to keep their audience entertained and engaged during these trying times. Find "Vacation" on all streaming platforms.

We're moving and grooving with the upbeat sonics of your latest single, "Vacation." What inspired your duo to create a song that dreams of vacations?

The short answer? Quarantine. The longer answer…we both can be serious workaholics and sometimes it can be beneficial to take a ‘vacation’ of any kind, whether that be forced upon us because the world is shut down, we’re on an actual vacation, or we just need a mental break. Last year kind of felt like a forced vacation and it ended up having its fair share of benefits even though our lives looked a lot different than we thought they would. We like the idea of a ‘create your own vacation’ sentiment.

Between your duo, how did you divide the creative process for your single, "Vacation"? Who handled what aspects of the song?

Ben actually wrote most of the lyrics about a year ago. We were kind of in limbo for a while after we had to stop touring, and it took almost 9 months for us to get into the studio to record. The choruses were written and stayed exactly the same, while I added the ‘gonna stay for a while’ post-chorus. We wrote the verses together, with Ben taking the heavier hand on a lot of the instrumentation. He’s pretty much a wizard in the studio, which makes my job easy!

Could you break down what sound and feel you initially had in mind for the vocal production and arrangement within "Vacation"? Especially Kayti Korte's slightly filtered and nostalgic vocals around the bridge?

We definitely wanted a crispy dance/pop aesthetic overall, but I can never help myself from throwing in outrageous retro vibes or other bits of our eclectic influences. The bridge is when I really dialed it back to the ’70s with the rhythmic disco-Esque guitar rising to the top of the mix, some soulful/cheesy backing vocals, and Kayti’s retro radio tone vocals. As far as arrangement goes, we are junkies for a post-chorus that is essentially a dance breakdown, but beyond that, the arrangement of this one felt good as your common pop song structure (verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus).

How does "Vacation" contrast your other singles within your discography? Do you usually create such upbeat and lively atmospheres?

It’s certainly on the brighter, more upbeat side, but that’s definitely somewhere we’ve learned to go in the last year with all of the challenges we’ve faced. Our other music definitely feels a bit darker than this, but we love the direction this is heading, and how natural it feels for us. The unquenchable thirst for a groovy beat has always been there, and although we have a couple of songs that are in that vein, this is definitely the furthest down that rabbit hole we’ve ventured; honestly, we’re loving it. I think we’re gonna stay for a while.





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