Take a Sonic "Vacation" with Desperate Electric's Latest Hit

Soaring in from Montana, the electro-soul duo Desperate Electric has us dreaming of a needed "Vacation" with their latest lively single.

Consisting of Ben Morris and Kayti Korte, the two fuse their vast influences from past decades to create a sound that's both contemporary and nostalgic. Combining live instrumentation with scorching electronic beats, Desperate Electric is more than ready to take listeners on a sonic escapade.

Highlighting their latest single, "Vacation," Desperate Electric expands the song's sonic atmosphere with punchy drums, soulful guitars, and unique vocal arrangements. While Kayti Korte delivers her powerhouse vocals that take us back a few decades, Ben Morris adds a perfect modern twist through his playful vocals and contemporary undertones.

Listening to "Vacation," a sharp electric guitar arrangement takes the lead accompanied by crisp electronic drum breaks. Once Ben Morris makes his vocal appearance while singing about losing his sanity and dreaming of being on vacation, Kayti Korte enters the song and offers a brilliant and upbeat harmony. We love the energetic and lively feel of this single, it truly takes us to warm and exotic places we wish to experience.

Through short synth bursts, various sound effects, and tight drum arrangements, the sonics glimmer and gleam with nothing but warmth and enthusiasm. Reaching the outro, Kayti Korte takes center stage and sings her slightly filtered vocals that remind us of influential soul/r&b acts of the past.

Indeed a song to get you dreaming of a "Vacation," Desperate Electric is continually finding new ways to keep their audience entertained and engaged during these trying times. Find "Vacation" on all streaming platforms.