Take a Step Back in Paul Law’s Release “Both Ways"

The Kansas City-based singer, songwriter, and producer Paul Law has been working with his new production team, “We Tha W.A.V.E.” (abbreviated for We Are Vibe and Energy), to continually work towards creating substantial, emotional, and passionate tunes. All while delivering with the classic Paul Law heavy bass and 808 drums. This was something that is exceptionally prevalent in his latest release, “Both Ways” off of his ‘ImPawlLaw’ EP, and this one is full of nostalgic vibes.

“Both Ways” open up with classic RnB sounds to take us to a nostalgic headspace that made us feel as if we were on top of the clouds. Up there, we were introduced to Paul Law and his exquisite vocals that had a beautifully charming tone that had our ears listening out for every word. The attention to detail shows here, Paul Law and his production team did a fantastic job on this record. It feels organic, tight, punchy, and fluid to the point that each section seamlessly transitions from one into another. We were incredibly engaged for every moment of this release and cannot wait to listen to the rest of the ‘ImPawlPaw’ EP.

Be sure to listen to “Both Ways” here.