Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Craig Cooney’s “Young Forever"

Craig Cooney is a modern-day artist whose music is a fusion of electronica, hip-hop, and pop.

Working on constantly evolving and growing his sound to keep the listeners at the edge of their seats, Craig Cooney is not someone to overlook as each of his releases are sure to catch your eye. Recently, since signing with Fluttertone earlier in the year, Craig Cooney has released another feel-good tune “Young Forever”, releasing July 18, and the storytelling in this one is sure to pull on those heartstrings.

Being a reflection of what childhood is like, “Young Forever” perfectly puts into song what those younger feelings are like and send you into a bliss of memory lane. We couldn’t help but feel happy while listening to this one, it is fueled with an energy that allows you to listen to it no matter where you are.

“Young Forever” features a campfire-like acoustic guitar, charming whistles, an old school bopping hip-hop beat, a beautiful children's choir, and of course Craig Cooney’s honest vocal performance that seals the deal for us. The vocal performance feels like a hybrid between a spoken word and a chill rap but it feels incredibly thought out and organic. Since listening to this one we can definitely say that we are a fan of Craig Cooney and can’t wait to hear what will be coming next from him.

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We’re loving your nostalgic tune “Young Forever”! What had inspired you to write about childhood? Is there a specific story you are trying to tell?

Thanks for having me, I’m glad you enjoyed listening to the track, I’ve always wanted to write and record a track where I can reflect on my childhood years, being carefree and having fun. It’s very easy to forget them years being an adult and facing the normal everyday tasks life throws at you. The purpose of the song is for people to be able to listen to it whenever they want to reflect and remind themselves that life is not all that bad, maybe it could re-light an old friendship and make people contact reach out to each other, I’m a strong believer in music being powerful and impacting people’s lives.

It must have been exciting to record at Windmill Lane Studios to create this one, what was that whole recording process like? 

It was amazing to be I’m a studio where some of my favorite artists have recorded their tracks, it was a night session so it wasn’t too busy which was great and made it really enjoyable.

Were there any challenges and funny moments that happened?

I think the only challenge for myself as I had been awake for over 24 hours haha. Basically, I had work that morning at 6 am until 5.30 pm, we went to the windmill at 7 pm and stayed there until 5 am I think and I was back in work at 7 am, Fair played to Cormac, Colm, and Kevin we all kept each other in the zone and had plenty of red bull/tea and food to keep us going! Having the lads there definitely made it easier.

The instrumentation has a very organic vibe to it, was this something that you had in mind when you started working with Cormac Kavanagh or was there a version of the song that was completely different?

I gave Cormac a very vague description of what I was looking for a couple of days prior, the mans a workhorse, he made like 6 different types of beats based on the idea I gave him, then we went with the ones that suited best! It was great to build the track with him, he did a lot of work on it and really added to it with his production skills, when I got the mix back I was delighted.

Congratulations on signing with Fluttertone! How did it feel when you found out the news? How has working with them helped developed your career?

Thanks so much, I was delighted when they approached me, I had worked with them briefly in the past doing support slots, etc. When I got the call of Colm we arranged to meet up and discuss it further, the rest is history! He’s a gentleman and has a lot of experience in the industry. We are very similar people with similar mindsets so we work incredibly well together! (I hope he says the same haha). Unfortunately with the pandemic and lockdown, we had to put things on pause for a little while but we still kept in contact/zoom meetings planning, etc, now that lockdown restrictions are lifting we are back on board and it feels so good to be back with things running!

What else can we expect for 2020?

We have a couple of more releases planned, depending on whether restrictions get less or worse it’s very hard to tell in terms of gigs, etc. We’re playing it by year and seeing what happens. I definitely want to release an E.P or an album and start traveling around the country! Keep up to date by following me on social media platforms!