Take a Trip Down South With Crow Buntry's Upbeat Release, "Rollin' Smoke"

Hailing from the U.S. and Canada, the fictional Country-rock band Crow Buntry releases their invigorating and soulful single, "Rollin' Smoke."

The band collaborates on songwriting and production whilst living across North America, continuously aiming to create lyrical content that brings a smile to listeners while also explaining relatable and everyday situations.

With their recent upbeat and lively single "Rollin' Smoke," Crow Buntry brings this whopping country/southern rock sound to the forefront for listeners to get lost in the atmosphere's heaviness and girth. With deep and intense vocals heating the vibe, we naturally feel this wall of energy hit our speakers within one mere listen.

"Rollin' Smoke" opens with melodic electric guitar supported by upbeat drum patterns and a squealing harmonica. As the lead vocals kick in, the vocalist's delivery is incredibly deep and growly as he begins to describe playful scenes encompassing the warm southern way of life, lighting up barbeques, and cooking up a rack of short ribs with mouth-watering brisket loaves. 

The supporting instrumentals are incredibly lively and upbeat, delivering raw electric guitar melodies that inevitably win listeners over into their monstrous sound. Not to mention the blistering harmonica that transports listeners directly into the heart of the country-rock music scene, the song's entire instrumentation serves an irresistible sensation that we can't get enough of.

"Rollin' Smoke" brings listeners deep down south with Crow Buntry's exhilarating sound, and we're more than impressed with the band's dedication to delivering pure country tunes exuding with life.

Hello Crow Bounty and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the energy and soul you've infused into your single "Rollin' Smoke." Could you tell us what inspired the band to create such a heavy country-rock tune?

When ya BBQ in the south, it’s our Christmas morning. Wakin’ up before the sun excited to fire up that pit, sit around the smoker drinking beers with the boys, n give that meat the love, care, and respect that it deserves. We really wanted to channel that raw energy into a BBQ anthem that we would wanna listen to while we roll our smoke and wait for Redneck BBQ Santa Claus to bring that delicious fall off the bone meat! 

What sort of concept did you want to deliver with "Rollin' Smoke" and your descriptive lyricism regarding southern lifestyles?

“Rollin’ Smoke” is our “hot n’ fast” love letter to “low n’ slow” southern BBQ. We do this every weekend (and some weekdays) so we wanted to be very deliberate with our lyrics and delivery so that it would hit home with passionate BBQ fans. Those ain’t just words that rhyme, they’re what we live around the BBQ pit.

Seeing as Crow Buntry hails from parts of the U.S. and Canada, what was your creative process like when building the track, especially since members are scattered across North America?

Uncle Dick Buntry came up with the idea down in Texas and we did a little songwriting on the initial concept. We tracked some vocals and harmonica in Nashville, lead guitars in Boston, bass and lead vocals in Texas, and guitars plus vocals in Florida where the pieces got put together. Uncle Dick took a trip to Florida to meet up with Crenshaw for the final mixing at his studio down that way. 

You've mentioned that your lyrical content is quite comedic yet also depicts relatable situations of everyday life. What inspired the band to take this lighthearted and playful route with your lyricism?

Mag Buntry: Well the world has enough serious songs about trucks, guns, dogs, and ex-wives. If you ain’t laughing then you might as well be crying. We think that everyone could use a good laugh these days and make music that reflects our attitude toward mainstream country, pop, and rap. 

Uncle Dick Buntry: Shit, I was just about to throw a brisket on the smoker n wanted to write a song about BBQ.  I dunno what the hell Mag’s talking about.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Weed, Whiskey, and a shit ton of BBQ! BBQ, BBQ sauce, BBQ seasonin’, BBQ wood, and BBQ smokers. Oh and no politricks.