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Take A Trip Down To Showbiz Pizza With WHOAA’s Music Video, “Saturday Fun”

Coming in hot is the adventurous and retro chic pop duo WHOAA with a new exciting single and accompanying music video entitled "Saturday Fun."

WHOAA is Ashley "Ring" and Dolla "Young Axlrose," two artists that have stepped straight out of the 1980s music scene. Their sound is packed with gleaming synthesizers, rubbery bass, and propulsive, danceable beats.

The duo just released their first single, "Saturday Fun," from their upcoming album, The Day It All Changed. The new single is quintessential WHOAA, featuring everything we love about 80s synthpop brought back to life in the modern day. What's even more stimulating are the deeply nostalgic visuals in their new music video for "Saturday Fun."

WHOAA takes us on a trip down to Showbiz Pizza, often compared to Chuck E. Cheese, but way, way cooler. In the music video, they blast us with their vibrant performance while singing about their grueling jobs and only having two days of the week to feel human. As they prepare for the big show at Showbiz Pizza, what better artists to accompany the duo on stage than The Rock-afire Explosion animatronics band?

Funny, lifelike, eerie, whatever you want to call it, WHOAA brings back the classic animal band for a one-stop show in this vibrant new music video. They whimsically perform on stage while relishing the weekend vibe and wishing it could stay around longer.

Whether you're an adult or a child, there's no doubt that WHOAA's new music video will bring you that sweet "Saturday Fun." Get down with WHOAA and The Rock-afire Explosion in the song's new music video, now available on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, WHOAA. You've truly taken us back to 1983 with your latest single and music video, "Saturday Fun." Answer: What inspired you to write a song about dreading work and looking forward to the weekend?

Thank you for having us. It is crazy how it all came together. We didn’t necessarily plan for it to be a song about working, but as we lived and listened to the track, the message strongly resonated with us while thinking of what to write. We need to tell a story, and well, let's just say the lyrics are basically in real time. The first verse was written while driving to work, and it just seemed like everything else fell into place after that. Sometimes I feel like songwriting is a supernatural process because you listen back and think.. wow I wrote this.. interesting.

How would you describe your sound in "Saturday Fun?” What genres or sounds best represent this song?

We call it Retro-pop. It's our inspired take on 80s synth-pop sounds that made Prince, Madonna, and groups like Ready for the World so popular. The soundtrack to "following your dreams" whilst in the crux of working a soul-sucking 9 to 5, "Saturday Fun" is an energetic, retro-pop-BOP that invokes emotional yet inspirational waves of triumph. The "Prince-esque" 80s LinnDrum and warm warbly synthesizer chords, coupled with gliding vocals, that guide this upbeat groove into a modern soundscape, nostalgic but uniquely its own. Capsulizing our journey from leaving their jobs in Atlanta and moving to LA.

What inspired the trip down to Showbiz Pizza for the "Saturday Fun" music video?

One day we were driving around thinking up ideas (we love doing that), and we were trying to brainstorm the treatment for Saturday Fun and sent down from the heavens like a 1980’s sitcom; an idea popped up in our head! Saturday Fun needed to be a juxtaposition of what the message was because, vibe-wise, Saturday Fun is a fun song, but the message is heavy! OH MY GOODNESS !!! WE NEED THE ANIMATRONIC BAND in this video! So after doing some heavy research, we finally connected with Aaron through one of his business partners Ray! It was a long process, and we now have the amazing video for Saturday Fun!

What was it like shooting the music video for "Saturday Fun" at Showbiz Pizza? How were you able to get in and film?

It took two years just to lock it all down, scheduling, etc etc, and we literally outran a hurricane to make it to Orlando to shoot the music video. Still, we made it, and the experience was amazing; it kinda seems like it was all this magical 80’s retro dream! So we set up the date, and Aaron kindly welcomed us into his space: The Creative Engineering Warehouse; we went straight to work after a quick tour, great stories, and a full run of Rock-afire performing Saturday Fun for us! It sure was a treat, to say the least.

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