Take a Trip on Joffery Hollsworth Hip-Hop Safari on New Track "Time to Face"

With a colorful display of animated hip-hop, Joffery Hollsworth blasts onto the scene with a new release "Time to Face."

Coming to us from Canada's West Coast, Hollsworth is a Singer-Songwriter and composer that loves arranging his music with the intention of emploring the listener to reflect upon his deep lyrical messages while encouraging them to get up and dance.

"Time to Face," starts with a dark resonating tone that sets the stage for Hollsworth lyrical prowess to enter the soundstage. As the track moves forward through Hollsworth's mystique of stealthy rhymes, heavy synths of the sound envelope the track that leads to the thickness of the track.

As the listener's tour guide, Hollsworth leads us through his rhymes pointing out the hazards hiding in the grass, "ducking lions, tigers, hyenas, and snakes."

The symbolism of these predators pose a threat to one's success in life, and Hollsworth preparedness in hunting down the predators that are stalking him shows us just how focussed he is on owning his craft. Hollsworth ability to articulate particular verses within his rhymes drive home his ability to stir conscious thought and reflection from his listeners. Join Joffery Hollsworth today on his lyrical journey through the abyss and listen to "Time to Face" today.

Hello Joffery and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest release "Time to Face." Can you tell us a bit more about the song and the meaning behind it? I started working with a composer I connected with, a few months ago, through a chat thread put together by Burstimo- a music artist developing group. Jeremy and I have a similar taste in the type of music we like to create and I was blown away when he approached me with a bunch of instrumentals he created just for me to write on. He told me he had actually studied my music style and made them based on me. I have wished for a Timbaland to my Missy for a very long time, and this feels like the universe finally answered my calls. I decided to get back to a more conscious, thoughtful mindset in releases following my last EP " Bang" which was my only project to feature mostly party music, with less of a focus on my usually pensive writing. I made the choice to listen to the endlessly profound work on Kendrick Lamar, as I mused over what I wanted to say in this new music. Kung Fu Kenny never fails to inspire me- almost immediately, every time I put on one of his tracks. It's like just hearing his voice instantly ignites emotion in me and I can't help but write like crazy- never knowing what is going to go into a song, but I'm always excited to put my thoughts down into art.

So long story short: Kendrick Lamar and Jeremy Cabrera are to thank for inspiring my words on this track, and on this song, I'm talking about how it's feeling these days- similarly to how Childish Gambino expressed his worries about it being too late for humanity, when he released "Feels Like Summer" & "This Is America" I use this song to muse over the state of things.

We would like to know more about Joffery Hollsworth, can you tell our readers a bit more about yourself and what ignited your passion for creating music? Basically, since I was born, I naturally had to dance, sing, and perform, whenever I saw/heard something musical that moved me. I was a real Disney kid- performing every single number for the living room at my Nana's house- with my older brother trying to shut me up so he could enjoy the movie and my mom calling for him to let me express myself. Around the age of 12, I started to find my passion for writing. I for a year, I would listen to a BBC Radio show segment that spotlighted poets, having them recite their works. That was around 2002- I believe- so imagine how much work I had to do on me, my mindset, and my perspective, to only start really believing in myself and what I'm capable of, to finally start releasing my own, original music in 2017. Music has called to me my entire life, and  3 years ago, I finally answered back. I have my good friend Taffy T and my boyfriend to thank for helping me to believe in myself and heal old inner demons that haunted me for far too long. I've never been happier or felt more fulfilled in my whole life.

We loved the symbolism of the jungle and predators you used to depict obstacles anyone can face when trying to accomplish something in life. When creating music do you try to insert these types of analogies into your music?   Whenever an instrumental- or even a stand-alone idea- drop into my mind, I just let it take me where it wants to go. It often doesn't feel like I'm even the one writing or creating. It's almost like an out-of-body experience and I'm just a witness to it. I call it "being in the cloud" when I really catch onto an idea I'm excited about, and everything just seems to flow into what ends up being a song I'm proud of. I like the concept/theory that I, myself didn't have the idea, but my muse came down to me and put it there. I've mentioned my muse a couple of times in my music- she's incredible

Who are some of your musical influences you have been inspired by to create your own music?

I always used to say "If Gorillaz and Outkast had a baby, I'd be their constantly evolving cartoon with an edge love child." Which is what I think of when I think about a song I wrote called "Celebration" because Gorillaz was the influence for the instrumental which HipChimp brilliantly wrote, and Outkast's "Roses" was the inspiration for the way I wrote and performed the words. Nowadays, I realize that my influences go far beyond just those two. I am always wondering what Missy Elliott would do when I write, because she has always been a huge inspiration for me, as a person and an artist. She's so unique and proves her undeniable brilliance time and time again. Mariah Carey is also always making me wonder how I can best portray a story, idea, or message, with a certain level of grace and to do it differently than I've seen or heard before. She has said many times that she considers herself a writer before a singer, and I feel the same in my own art. I would love nothing more than to spend my days writing with and for other artists, in addition to my own music. Performance-wise, I look to artists like Freddie Mercury, a legend for rock and the gay community, Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle (who really need no introductions), and James Brown. Among other contemporaries like Beyonce and Black Eyed Peas, I look to those 4 to inspire me to be my own, unique self and trust that I've got all I need to make the message and my performance clear and impactful.

What will you be working on next Joffery? We can't wait to hear what's next!

I'm working on and planning to release a few more singles before I put out another EP. I want to foster, give the space to, and respect this new working relationship with Jeremy. He knows my style so well, and makes it so easy for me to write words over his compositions because he does such a great job! We have a lot more to show the world, as I work on my own solo work behind that. I might try to put out another EP before the end of the year, but at least expect two or three more singles from us, before I even consider releasing another solo project.