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Take a Trip Through the Galaxy With 10pmtoclose’s Latest EP

Austin, Texas, duo 10pmtoclose hones in on sounds inspired by 80’s chart-toppers, 70’s Disco, and modern electronic. They transport quintessential, syncopated grooves topped with guitar chops, synthesizer layers, on-point bass, and dreamy electronic pianos in the way they have crafted a midnight aesthetic that fits between the high-energy dance floor and neon-lit back alleys.

The vibrant escape of their latest seven-track EP, '10pmtoclose EP,' has us laced in an effervescent offering that trickles into futuristic elements while maintaining a nostalgic feel. Kicking off their deluxe creation with the “Versace Intro,” we hear a news reporter speaking on Gianni Versace as he proceeds to interview her about the impact she is making in the cutting-edge fashion industry. The importance of this classic audio recording speaks for itself as the placement has us eagerly anticipating the way this EP’s narrative will unfold through glimmering synths and pulsating percussion.

We love how the elusive and atmospheric essence of the introduction gets us prepared for what’s to come in the charismatic, “Midnight City.” The beautifully spun progression of the instrumentation brings out a dance ambiance that encourages you to submit yourself to the music and allows 10pmtoclose to control the setting. Fixated on a resonated bass line that entices us with the funk-fueled elements embodied, we immediately take a deep dive into the layers of “10pmtoclose Ep.” Through a tantalizing vocal performance that is accentuated with the textured layers courtesy of a talk box, we appreciate how they emphasize specific lyrical motifs such as, ‘"Thought you’d have it all. Champagne and caviar. Midnight City."

Following suit with the upbeat and vibrant soundscapes we long for, “Pat Swayze,” carefully lures us into a melodic masterpiece that derives from psychedelic tenors. Embracing the jaunty components that showcase luxurious energy, 10pmtoclose challenges you to sit still through this piece before they play upon the down tempos of “Different Parts,” where they channel their inner Daft Punk vigor. In a unique styling that has us nostalgic through electronic vocals and laidback instrumentation that could in fact be the soundtrack to our life, we admire the brilliance found in the passion-filled grooves, flooded with complexity and intricate hues.

Reaching the blatantly reflective track, “Untitled,” we pick up the sassy appeal that touches down before us as the musicality highlights the forward messaging. Carrying forth enough attitude to burn the place down, blatant lyrics navigate us through an authentic revelation of an unapologetic persona. “You ain’t that fine,” is the lyrical motif that suggests this is the last straw for 10pmtoclose, and they’re tired of the antics.

A prevailing threshold catches our attention as we tune into the purely instrumental song, “Galactic.” Exuding a dynamic dimension of complementary elements that seem to advance with thorough conviction the deeper you dive into this piece, we find that the ingenious soundwaves balance out the '10pmtoclose EP,' as a refreshing and intellectual narrative is placed into something so impactful. This is a piece of work that you feel more than hear, as the listening experience douses you in waves of syncopated grooves. Stimulating your mind in a way that has a sonic voyage unfold through your senses, you can’t help but float upon the convolution of timing and space ratios bringing you into a futuristic realm.

Lush guitar riffs serenade our minds while pulsating synths highlight the peaks and valleys of this piece before us. Establishing itself as the perfect outro with formidable rudiments, “U + Me,” trails through the path of '10pmtoclose EP,' in a way that gracefully eases us into our final destination. We greet the classification of a sonic voyage, as we hold onto an edgy sense of ambiguity illuminated in completely new sounds that we have yet to be introduced to on this project.

We encourage you to absorb the essence of '10pmtoclose EP,' as you tap into a newfound height that is thriving with imaginative tendencies.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, 10pmtoclose, and congratulations on the release of the '10pmtoclose EP.' This entire body of work gave us something different as we took in a new story with each track. What is the concept behind this EP?

It started with building our sound and an aesthetic that we like to call Midnight. Musically we live somewhere between the dancefloor and the back alley. Lyrically, we explore the glam and the grime of a lifestyle that may pay off big or bite back.

How do you compare this release to other music found in your catalog? Did you approach it with a different mindset?

It's our biggest and best project to date. A lot of our heart and soul is in this record.

Do you happen to have a specific song that resonates with you more than the others? What’s your reasoning?

“U + Me” was a special part of the process for us because the whole project really came together by the time we finished recording that song. It was the perfect way to complete the project we had just poured so much into.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the recording process entailed? How long did it take for this EP to surface to the ears of the public?

The project took about a year in total. We knew we wanted to use this “Miami in the 80’s” meets funk & disco sound, but we didn't really know where that would take us until we finished writing “U + Me."

What are you hoping that your audience can take away from the messaging laced into this project?

If you feel like hanging your head out of a white Ferrari Testarossa going 90mph down a sunset-lit highway, you’re on the right track.

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