Take a Trip to "Hotel Belfar" With Canon Hill's Latest Hit

Soaring in from Massachusetts, the alternative punk-rock foursome Canon Hill releases a soulful and anthemic single with their latest release, "Hotel Belfar."

Formed in 2013 with founding members Ben Hayden and Logan Tichnor, Canon Hill later expanded with help from guitarist/vocalist Noah Pelty and bassist Gabe Duff. After releasing various singles and projects, Canon Hill landed themselves many high-profile gigs such as the famed Beachcomber in Wellfleet, MA, and the TD Bank Summer Concert Series.

Getting to the goods, Canon Hill recently released their whaling latest single, "Hotel Belfar", which features heavy guitars and addictive melodies. "Hotel Belfar" is said to tease the band's forthcoming sophomore album, 'Rats & Cars,' slated to release in early August 2021.

Diving headfirst into the single, "Hotel Belfar," we're met with a crisp drum arrangement and a whaling electric guitar. Once the beat drops and the entire instrumental makes its hefty appearance alongside electrifying synths, thumping bass licks, and scorching hot rhythm guitar riffs, Canon Hill later falls into the verse with Ben Hayden and Noah Pelty's dual vocal stylings that drench us in power and heat.

As they continue grooving through this dynamic single, Canon Hill moves from a light-hearted verse with soothing acoustic guitars and into the sweltering hook, blasting us with nothing but grit, rhythm, and soul. We can feel the sonic fire of this single as Canon Hill melts our speakers from beginning to the end of this exhilarating and stimulating tune.

Don't miss out on the enlivening experience of Canon Hill's latest single, "Hotel Belfar," and prepare your ears for the band's forthcoming sophomore album, 'Rats & Cars,' this August. Find "Hotel Belfar" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Canon Hill. We adore the passion and power of your latest single, "Hotel Belfar." What inspired the creation of this powerhouse and dynamic single?

Thanks! For Hotel Belfar we wanted to throw everything we had into making a stadium-sized song. We created the driving riff of the song using a synth, which was a sound we hadn’t experimented with as a band before. We all felt more confident with our songwriting and wanted to challenge ourselves.

Who wrote the punchy lyricism for your single, "Hotel Belfar?" Do you usually allocate a specific member or two to write your songs?

Noah wrote the first verse and chorus, which gave the song its rebellious feel. Logan followed that up with the second verse and the bridge. Logan and Noah are typically the “lyricists in chief” for the band. Even on the songs sung by just one of us, the lyrics are always a collaboration.

Could you break down your band's creative process for "Hotel Belfar?" What was the studio scene like when dividing and sharing the song's instrumental arrangements?

We inadvertently started writing “Hotel Belfar” in the summer of 2018, right after we released our first record. Gabe, our bass player, was messing around with a synth and came up with the main riff for the song. Then, when we were writing the material for our new record this past year, we rediscovered the original instrumental demo. After the melody and lyrics were written, Gabe tracked the synth and bass, and we layered Ben’s drums over that! Noah played a baritone guitar to give the track a heavier feel, while logan stuck with his telecaster. The challenging part was how distanced we all were due to the pandemic! We had to record the bass, synth, and drums up north where Ben and Gabe were, and then recorded the guitars and vocals in Nashville!

What should your audience expect from your forthcoming sophomore album, 'Rats & Cars?' How does "Hotel Belfar" tease the upcoming project?

Compared to our first album, which had a much more raw sound, “Rats & Cars” has a bit more production flare. It’s still very much a rock album, but with significant pop, Americana, and hip hop influences. We experimented with instrumentation, using synthesizers and drum machines to reinforce and embellish our analog foundation. “Hotel Belfar” is a great example of that. This record contains the heaviest songs we’ve written to date, as well as the lightest, most pop-influenced songs we’ve done. It all felt like a natural evolution, none of it was forced. We just look forward to continuing to grow and evolve as a band!

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

We actually feature an independent artist on this record! A really talented rapper named Lhska. We all admired his work and were thrilled to bring him on board for this project.