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Take a Trip to the "Circus" with LAKE!'s Conceptual Single

The Los Angeles-based versatile hip-hop artist and singer-songwriter LAKE! pays tribute to the flips in his mind with a groovy and reflective single, "Circus."

In terms of crafting deliberate melodies, lyrics, and stories, LAKE! has proved himself as an unstoppable triple threat. With features on Travis Mills' Apple Music Radio Show, Lyrical Lemonade, The Hype Magazine, EarlyRising, Sheesh Ent., and Apple Music's editorial playlist "Emo-Rap," LAKE! is eager to continue inspiring his listeners with each release.

Recently dropping his third studio single, "Circus," with an accompanying visualizer directed by Griffin Oils of Art Camp, the entire experiencing is truly stimulating. When speaking upon the single, LAKE! had this to say, "It's about how my life is filled with blinding city lights and girls. I'm explaining the truth behind the paraphernalia and things that go on in my life, saying how my mind is doing 'flips' like someone in the circus."

Taking the genre-bending track for a spin, LAKE!'s single, "Circus," opens with plucky electric guitar melodies and warm trap drums that punch through our speakers with the utmost energy. Once the heavy 808 drums make their ample appearance, the song instantly transforms into this blistering, modern, and hip-hop-infused atmosphere with help from LAKE!'s clear and melodic bars/vocals.

We adore the blend of r&b, pop, and hip-hop within this track, as LAKE! goes back and forth from rapping his powerhouse bars to paying a thankful and melodic tribute to someone who leaves him in awe. We should also mention the vocal similarities to that of Chris Brown, as LAKE! brings us all the warmth and passion we can find in contemporary hip-hop/r&b.

Douse yourself in the uplifting and melodic stylings of LAKE!'s latest single, "Circus," and catch the song's exciting visualizer on YouTube.


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