Take a Trip to the " Crystal C O A S T L I N E" With Ristlynn's New Single

Hailing from California and Alaska, singer-songwriter and alternative-pop recording artist Ristlynn takes us to the "Crystal C O A S T L I N E" in a hot new single.

The American recording artist and instrumentalist has been featured and praised in acclaimed online magazines like Music Crowns, Fame Magazine, Pop Dose Magazine, Minimal Sounds, and more. He's known for an angsty and eclectic sound that's opened for acts like OHM, PHILM, and Warbringer. Ristlynn's sound is often associated with Maroon 5, Jxdn, Mod Sun, Sam And Sounds, and Dominic Fike.

Now releasing his steamy and flavorful single, "Crystal C O A S T L I N E" Ristlynn takes us from coast to coast in one of the most exciting releases we've heard to date. While merging alternative rock with punchy and exhilarating pop, Ristlynn delivers his captivating performance while drenching us with the utmost energy and passion.

Hitting play on the new single, "Crystal C O A S T L I N E," the track kicks off with nothing but energy through a punchy drum beat, a plucky bass line, and twinkling electric guitar melodies. As Ristlynn makes his angsty and passionate vocal appearance, he grabs our attention while singing a picturesque message of driving down the coastline and taking in the shimmering scenery of paradise.

This song perfectly represents the uplifting and refreshing emotions one feels when reconnecting with the beauty and excitement of nature's coastlines, and we can't wait to bump this track on our next road trip. There's something about Ristlynn's attitude and confidence that make the song that much more intoxicating and invigorating, especially when accompanied by the modern alternative pop production and instrumentation.

Groove your way down to the "Crystal C O A S T L I N E" with Ristlynn's latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Ristlynn. We love the thrilling and exciting feel of your recent single, "Crystal C O A S T L I N E." What inspired you to write such a bright and bold tune like this?

Thank you for having me back. It’s a pleasure and I’m happy you enjoyed it. So the chorus kinda wrote itself. It was all “driving hmm hmm crystal coastline…” *that fast* and reminded me of the beach. Gave me strong flashbacks to my life back in SoCal. The verses let me tell a story about what a regular week was like for me there. It was all, “ok I have to move out but can’t afford rent so now I’m dropping out of college and living in my car or a public building downtown”. Or it was, “I can’t sleep so I’m lighting the walls of my apartment on fire to kill off bedbugs… oh now I’m moving into this random garage and I get attacked by fleas and my mattress box frame is 5 or 6 bricks”. I mean, there was more going on, but I think you get it. The beach gave me a moment of peace among the chaos. And driving up the coast. Which was the Pacific Coast Highway. That’s the reference. That’s what “Crystal C O A S T L I N E” is about.

Do you usually create such exciting music, similar to "Crystal C O A S T L I N E?" Or would you say your sound is rather explorative and experimental?

I do my best to make songs as exciting and catchy as possible. While I do love to experiment with style and sound, honestly it can be dangerous when schedule and budget are of the essence. It’s fine if not every song works or is up to par, but with every release, you want to put your best foot forward. I’m hoping in the future, I’ll have more flexibility to do both often.

Did you work entirely solo when crafting the production and instrumentals within "Crystal C O A S T L I N E?" What was your creative process like?

I wish I was that skilled haha, no I had help. First I wrote the full lyric/melody, then crafted a beat for the verse. I’m used to being more hands-on with the instrumentals but I’ll admit, had difficulty bridging the contrasting moods together between verse and chorus. It transitions so fast. I worked on it with Gëkkø (Hit-Boy, mozzy, Pink) when we scrapped it. Thankfully he had the skills and imagination to make the track pop. Then came laying the vocals. I was my engineer when I sang it, and had to switch DAWs to get it to work. Half my session was troubleshooting. Hiccups aside, I usually make a separate track for verses, choruses, harmonies, doubles, ad-libs, and embellishments. Then I get 3-5 good takes each. Less according to an order of importance. Lastly, Trey Vittetoe (Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Jessie James) who I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few times now, produced my vocals and did the final mix. Go teamwork.

What impact did you want "Crystal C O A S T L I N E" to make on the listener? What did you want your audience to feel and take away?

I want my listeners and people to know it’s ok to admit that you’re not fine. Self-sabotage is a dangerous game. Whether you’re a product of yourself or a product of your environment, whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone. Things do change. Mental health is real and it’s important to consider what it takes to keep it.

What's next for Ristlynn?

I had a lot of firsts wrapping up my year 1 on this path. 1 year ago I had never released a song, music video, made album art, designed and started selling merch, or launched a website/newsletter. Even got some good streams on some of the songs… I want to focus on building a hardcore fanbase from the ground up. Deepen the connection between my listeners. Drop better songs more often. Bridge and build up communities between varying artists. And start playing more concerts. I appreciate everyone who’s been with me thus far. And those who haven’t yet. I’m excited for 2022 and all of you.