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Take A Trip To The Ethereal World Of G Major XCLSV’s Newest Offering, “Take A Drive/Sticky”

Jamaican-native G Major XCLSV has spent 18+ years making music and has since picked up titles like MC, Producer, Songwriter, and Engineer.

G Major started his musical journey as a steelpan drummer and keyboard player while growing up. He flows in between many styles and blends many different cultures, too. He's learned to infiltrate and use the correct markets to his advantage along the journey. His talents go far beyond what we see. He knows exactly how to keep his listeners locked whether the venue is on a boat, nightclub, or even outside, where he's opened for many well-known artists such as Rick Ross, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, and Jack Harlow.

His unique production style sets him apart from many others. While one day, he's a producer, the next day, he spins records behind the DJ booth. Bringing the sonics straight from out of space, G Major XCLSV delivers an ethereal release titled "Take a Drive/Sticky" for listeners worldwide. The track feels like a journey through the eyes of G Major XCLSV's lens, with spacious production in the intro, seamlessly blending into the second half, "Sticky."

The contrast of the two tracks in one displays the versatility G Major XCLSV brings to the table. "Sticky" is a definite party banger to start your evening; the bass drives the record as he finds the sweet spot to make for an incredibly catchy hook. G Major XCLSV (the man of many talents) naturally spews out greatness when touching a track and is an artist to look for when searching for feel-good music.

Support and stream the multi-talented G Major XCLSV's "Take a Drive/Sticky" - available on all platforms.


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