Take a Trip to the Rodeo with The Silverline's Latest Single, "A Horse and His Girl"

The Nashville-hailing singer-songwriter and country duo The Silverline sings a passionate ode to a special relationship with their latest single, "A Horse and His Girl."

The emerging duo has seen vast success throughout their individual solo careers. Comprised of husband and wife Michael and Catherine Lehnen, The Silverline always promises to captivate audiences with their powerful and immersive live performances. Also landing their music on numerous charts for consecutive weeks, it's evident that The Silverline is here to stay.

Following up their previous powerhouse singles with a more personal tune entitled "A Horse and His Girl," The Silverline pays a sweet and savory tribute to the greatest sport on dirt. While Catherine Lehnen's lead vocal shines as bright as the sun above, Michael Lehnen offers a steady vocal foundation that amplifies the song's heart and soul.

Listening to "A Horse and His Girl," the tune takes off with a lively and toe-tapping instrumental breakdown that brings us into the heart of contemporary country music. As Catherine Lehnen makes her radiant vocal appearance, she sweetly begins to explain the most special relationship of all. As she leads us to the hook, Michael Lehnen joins in, and the duo reminds us of the special spark between a girl and her horse.

We adore this song's uplifting and feel-good tone, as each tender and soothing melody and transition offer this deeply emotional yet heartwarming aspect. As The Silverline leads us towards the outro, they keep us engaged the entire time with help from their stunning instrumentals and warm vocal stylings.

Take yourself down to the hometown rodeo with The Silverline's latest single, "A Horse and His Girl," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We love the heartfelt perspective you've brought to your recent single, "A Horse and His Girl." What inspired your duo to write about the sweet relationship between woman and horse?

I wrote about it because I lived it. When I was a teenager, I was fortunate to find this incredible little stock horse named Caleb. The first day I saw him glistening in the sun on a windswept ridge, a fire in his eyes and nostrils flared with excitement I knew he had to be mine! Together we embarked on this amazing journey competing in barrel racing and western sports. Caleb was particularly fast, nimble, and fiery so needless to say we pretty well cleaned up every time we competed. So much so that some of the competitors would sigh when they saw us coming and say "Oh no, here comes Cathy and Caleb again." One of the things my partner Michael remembers when we met 20 years ago was the number of ribbons Caleb had won (they were traveling with me in the boot of the car at the time!)

Could you break down your songwriting process for "A Horse and His Girl"? Did both of you write the lyrics for this song? How did you go about capturing those special moments between a horse and his girl?

A horse and His Girl is our salute to all the courageous cowgirls & their magnificent horses who give it all to compete in THE GREATEST SPORT ON DIRT! Many of the best songs are actually stories set to music and this is certainly the case with “A Horse and His Girl”. Michael said he wanted to capture this formative time in my life so with the music pretty well together, the words just flowed from the memories I’d been indelibly stamped with! Competitive barrel racing with Caleb was like riding on a whirlwind - he knew exactly what to do and I basically just held on for the ride of my life! There is a particularly unique & special bond between a horse and his girl and the longer we competed, the deeper the trust and connection developed which made us a formidable pair! Horses are beautiful, graceful creatures and I count myself blessed to have found Caleb.

What sort of instrumental atmosphere did you want to capture with your single, "A Horse and His Girl"? How did you want the instrumentals to make the listener feel?

We tried to capture the excitement of being on the back of a horse competing in an event but also the warmth of the love story between the two. The track is really a band with drums, bass, acoustic guitar, piano, and slide guitar. When it came time to do some overdubs and we were deciding what else to add it just seemed like what we had was enough. The key is to know when to quit!

We've heard that "A Horse and His Girl" is the 6th single lifted from your debut album 'HOMETOWN RODEO.' How does the single represent or associate with the album's theme or concept?

Everything about our album has been a very organic process. A Horse and His Girl were some of the earlier songs we recorded, and if there's a song that is probably pivotal it would be this one. One of the lines in this song is "It's a hometown rodeo" and it really resonated as we were producing the single. We decided to link back to that line and name the album “Hometown Rodeo.” In keeping with that theme, our album cover design is a nod back to the old-time rodeo posters you see around, many of which are incredible works of art. We loved the rodeo concept and felt like considering that both of us “grew up Country” it was a natural progression to tie this concept into the album theme.