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Take A Trip To "Tokyo," With Jake Bianco

Hailing from New Jersey, Jake Bianco combines emotionally-resonant lyrics and gruff vocals to convey themes of love, longing, and youth.

As a singer and songwriter, Jake Bianco is inspired by the likes of Dominic Fike, Jack Johnson, Vance Joy, and Frank Ocean. Taking his creativity, he produces a variety of sounds and soulful features that illuminate the cafes, clubs, and campfires with his passion-filled soundscapes.

His most recent three-track acoustic project, “With Love,” is the home to his intoxicating fusion, “Tokyo.” By taking a warm and inviting acoustic approach to mesh the styles of Contemporary R&B and Pop, he speaks wonders into the talents that he possesses as an emerging artist.

The minimalist arrangement of this record has us able to consume the restful reverberations that Jake Bianco exudes. Through each lyric that he performs, we are offered a glimpse of the heartfelt passion held within the artist that speaks into his music. We are rather fond of the harmonies that delicately trickle through his verses which are then released in a more victorious manner when the chorus hits in a memorable manner.

“Tokyo,” acts as a letter to someone who had a special place in Jake Bianco’s life. With each reminiscent memory that he brings to life, we’re transported to a nostalgic headspace of our own as we welcome a swarm of thoughts that weigh heavy on our minds and consciousness.

Jake Bianco has the ability to make you feel emotions that were hidden below the surface as he uses his musical creations as prompts to release your inner sentiments. With a wistful mind and hunger sizzling through him, Jake Bianco holds a high standard in our hearts with, “Tokyo.”


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