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Take A Trip With Brian Tell & The LoveMakers As They Share Their New Video For, "I'm Gonna Hear You"

Birthed in Brooklyn at Our Wicked Lady, Brian Tell & The LoveMakers consists of Brian Tell and Ben Oastler. It didn't hurt that they lived quite close to one another in Williamsburg, and the two were members of American Fever, with a great shared love of Blues and Rock.

They decided to start a separate project, with a common interest of making Rock' n' Roll. Thus The LoveMakers project was born.

With Ben Oastler at the helm of the production on their latest single, "I'm Gonna Hear You, "the dynamic duo delivers striking visuals to accompany a mesmerizing sound captured in the depths of the musical roots in the song.

Evocative tones in the gritty guitar riffs conjure up a dim moodiness that produces a specific 80s Classic Rock feel. "I'm Gonna Hear You" focuses on the traditional raw origins of all your favorite hits as Brian Tell & The LoveMakers add their charismatic panache. Packing a punch with the rhythmic victory served up in this track, we are offered up a creative environment in which the animated music video, which is paired with lyrics on screen, flourishes.

Pairing illustrated images that touch on the duo's rustic essence, we are offered up visuals that capture a vehicle traveling the long roads day and night to make it to their final destination. As we are sent on this journey with Brian Tell & The LoveMakers, there are pit stops along the way that captures a small church, a live jam space, and overall the quintessence of what a road trip embodies. "I'm Gonna Hear You" goes hand in hand with the visuals that epitomize the foundation of nostalgia and epiphanies that are brought by being in solitude, steering through winding roads.

Clarity timbres in the vocal delivery that allows us to peek into the headspace of these creatives. As Brian Tell & The LoveMakers establish their heartfelt purpose through steady penmanship and electric ambiance in the instrumentation, they elevate themselves to a place where they can "hear you in the morning light."

Congratulations on the release of the song and video duo of, “I’m Gonna Hear You.” You approached the music video in such a unique way. Was this the vision that you both had going into the creation of it? Thanks for having me. The song definitely came first and I worked with an amazing creative and musician, Ray McGale, to create the video. I was looking to create content during the pandemic, so this was really the best option and Ray did a great job building a story for the song. It's actually a build on the first music video I released for "So Lonely", from the EP. We wanted to establish a common theme. What is the meaning behind “I’m Gonna Hear You,” and what would you like your listeners to take away from it? To be honest, it could mean a lot of different things, but I think it's about going on the road, or the next town, to follow a girl or a dream. Rock "n" Roll embodies that whole idea of chasing something. Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life? This song was pretty much born from a jam session and I worked with my friend and producer, Ben Oastler to help shape it up. I wanted a simple song that slowly builds, and shows a lot of emotion. I had a great group of musicians play on the track and we recorded at Hive Mind Studios in Brooklyn, which is fantastic. With every musician being different, at the end of the day who do you make music for?

At the end of day, I just love playing music and writing songs. So it's part of my life and something I'm always working on. But there is also a side of me that loves to play in front of people for the rush, and you obviously want people to be receptive of something you worked so hard on.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next?

I'll be releasing "We All Rejoice" next month, which will be the last track on the EP. Then hopefully get back in the studio for more music later in the year.



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