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Take A Turn Onto “Route 9,” With Tony Newbury’s Latest Hit

Tony Newbury is an independent hip-hop artist from Howell, New Jersey.

Since bursting onto the music scene in July 2019 with the release of his debut EP “Lonely In The Summer,” he captivated audiences with his unique blend of haunting samples and smooth drum patterns – a sound synonymous with his music.

With accumulating over 500,000 streams across all platforms, Tony is on a steady incline. He’s headlined multiple shows at renowned venues in New York and New Jersey, with one notable event selling out completely. Furthermore, his talents have been acknowledged through his triumph in three esteemed music showcases: Concert Crave, Cherry Bomb, and Major Label Showcase.

Rooted in personal experiences and hardships, Tony’s music guides those who feel lost, lonely, or misunderstood in our chaotic world. Tony’s latest release, “Route 9,” has already garnered radio recognition and earned him an award, further cementing his musical and lyrical prowess.

“Route 9” takes off with a captivating mellow vocal sample that mysteriously echoes throughout the introduction. The melody shifts into the first chorus, where Newbury’s rich vocals and velvety hormones take center stage, accompanied by a laid-back steady drum pattern. The result is a dark, alluring atmosphere reminiscent of a late-night drive on a highway.

In the first verse, Tony’s flow carries the listeners into a story that unveils the reality of his journey as an independent artist. He openly shares his ongoing battle with giving more than he receives, investing his heart and soul into his craft while often feeling overlooked for his talents.

However, amidst these challenges, Tony remains steadfast in his aspirations and understands that success isn’t achieved overnight. This inspiring message serves as a beacon of hope for listeners who find themselves on their journey but are facing setbacks or questioning their progress. Tony Newbury uses his music to encourage individuals never to lose faith in themselves and never take no for an answer.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tony, and a well-deserved congratulations on your latest "Route 9." As an independent artist, were there any influences that led you to pursue a music career?

Thanks for having me! My family has been my main source of inspiration. They're a very creative group of people. I've always been pushed to express myself through some form of art. Even before, I had a desire to do it. Some of my favorite artists are J. Cole and Russ. I respect the fanbase both of them have built.

Can you walk us through your creative process for producing your latest release, “Route 9?”

Sure. I aimed to show my listeners what it's like being on the road while chasing your dream. The hook lays out the scene, and the verses allow the listener to enter the artist's shoes. “Route 9” is about dealing with rejection, obsession, and all that good stuff that comes along with standing for your vision. The day after I wrote the song, I hit Fight Klub Studios in NYC to bring the record to life.

How would you describe your sound in 3 words?

Passion, joy, and soul.

What are your favorite lyrics in “Route 9,” and what do they mean to you?

“Every day I give a little more than I find

Bank on myself all my moves multiply

If your doubt ain’t receding and you think believing is what you will see

That’s a reach leave the line”

To be creative publicly is not an easy thing. You must constantly put yourself out there, even when nobody cares. I've learned to keep going for those who believe in my message. Not for those who don't understand it. That's what these lyrics mean to me. To keep going for those who find value in my work.

If you could create a movie or TV show soundtrack, which genre would it be and why?

I aim to create a movie about an underground artist on their come-up. I plan on creating a hip-hop soundtrack for it. I don't know when the film will be made, but it will be based on my story. I have so much to share with the world already. I can only imagine how much more I will learn in years to come.


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