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Take a "Walk In The Clouds," With The Cancellations' Dreamy Single

Soaring in from Nashville, Tennessee, singer-songwriter and pop-rock duo The Cancellations bring great music back to the masses with help from their latest feel-good single, "Walk In The Clouds."

The Cancellations comprises longtime friends Elijah Jones, Erik Matthijs, and other like-minded musicians who helped bring the group to life. Creating music that touches on heartbreak, substance abuse, and self-discovery, The Cancellations, and their relatable lyrical content are enhanced by their dynamic pop-rock instrumentals that leave anyone feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Recently dropping a sweet treat for the ears with their latest single, "Walk In The Clouds," The Cancellations take us back to the early 00s with their dreamy and transcendent approach to nostalgic alternative rock merged with the brightness of modern pop. Not to mention their picturesque and passionate lyrical content, we're more than excited to introduce this feel-good track to our readers.

Hitting play on "Walk In The Clouds," the song brightly opens with a fuzzy lead guitar alongside a punchy upbeat drum arrangement and Elijah Jones' warm and slightly filtered vocals. As he begins to depict rather passionate and intimate scenes of feeling lost in someone's magnetic presence, The Cancellations swiftly grab our hands and drop us into the warm embrace of a hook.

We adore the soul-stirring and entrancing alternative approach The Cancellations have taken with their instrumentation, especially on the powerful hook, as they leave us captivated with each chilling melody and compact transition. As the song comes to an end, The Cancellations cradle our ears with the utmost heart and soul as they close the track on a passionate and savory note.

Take a needed "Walk In The Clouds" with The Cancellations and their latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic The Cancellations, what a dreamy and uplifting journey you've taken us on with your latest single, "Walk In The Clouds." What inspired your passionate and feel-good lyrical content within this piece?

The original idea behind the song and this next record was that we had a few songs that were sort of dedicated to individual pop stars. As we continued to build the album, it moved further away from this concept, but this was one of the first songs. Written for Miley Cyrus. I’ve never hung out with Miley, but I imagine it would be something like this.

Could you break down your group's instrumental creative process for "Walk In The Clouds?" How did you begin laying down the song's foundation and building it up from there?

I (Elijah) have an upright piano in my bedroom that I do most of the writing on. I wrote it originally as a piano ballad, which we then translated into a guitar-led song, which was then handed over to Jared and our producer Johnny Lucas to work their magic on. It came back as this killer synthy song. We took that and built it more into a 1970s easy-listening type track.

What was the songwriting process like for "Walk In The Clouds?" What images or scenes did you want to paint the listener's mind?

It’s obviously a love song of sorts, but also a bit twisted. It’s the sort of sick, overly impassioned love in the club experience that has more in common with addiction than romance.

How did you want the listener to feel after experiencing the entire single, "Walk In The Clouds?" What sort of mood or state did you want you to leave your audience in?

It’s a feel-good song… so we wanted the listener to feel good. It’s a driving down the highway with the windows down kind of feel. We wanted the feel of this album to be the inverse of our first record Fist Fight. The same general idea, but wrapped in pop rather than rock.

What's next for you?

We will be announcing a date for the release of this next album, Love Letter, in the next few weeks, and more shows soon after that. Follow us on all the platforms @thecancellations to get the details. We never stop writing and recording, so aside from playing to support this album, we may even sprinkle some teasers for what 2022 has in store at the shows.


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