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Take A Walk Through Our “Intrinsic” Needs With akilbeatsdenver’s Debut Album

Denver's very own go-to producer, composer, programmer, and beatmaker, akilbeatsdenver launches us into the celestials with his thorough and dynamic debut album, Intrinsic.

Although creators around Denver might know him for diving into genres like hip-hop and r&b, akilbeatsdenver's sound truly knows no bounds. He's a creative force and jack of all trades, delving into house, electronic, and hybrid music genres, leading him to be recognized as a positive force in the industry.

More recently, akilbeatsdenver released what he calls "a culmination of years of craft honing," his debut 20-track album, Intrinsic. On the conceptual side, each song of the album is named after Intrinsic vitamins and nutrients that we need for everyday functions.

The album opens with the introductory track, the essential "Vitamin A," introductory track, setting the scene with spacious synths and cosmic effects. This song sounds like a unique and celestial hybrid of genres like r&b, lo-fi hip-hop, and even a dash of atmospheric electronic. It's a smooth-sailing vibe that opens the record on an otherwordly and lush note.

Onto track number two, "Thiamin," akilbeatsdenver sends us into another gentle and warmhearted listening experience through his ethereal synths arrangements and the smoothest drum breaks. It's a song that lets you paint a fantasy of your own while akilbeatsdenver acts as the conductor of your dreams, leading you down a mystical and feel-good sonic world packed with adventure.

A similar ethereal vibe continues on the third track, "Riboflavin," but ups the hip-hop vibe with a drum-heavy beat while maintaining the lush and harmonious atmosphere. It's clear that akilbeatsdenver has no problem creating a sonic world of his own while inviting listeners to experience and imagine whatever they please. The use of brass samples brings a serene r&b vibe that has us floating on cloud nine.

Onto track number four, "Niacin," akilbeatsdenver throws us into a more jazzy and tender atmosphere that ramps up the sensuality and desire. The downtempo drums paired with the groovy 60s-style psychedelic synths give the song such a unique and flavorful edge that truly showcases akilbeatsdenver's production skills, prowess, and dexterity. Anyone who hears this sweet tune will adore the blanket of intimacy and passion akilbeatsdenver offers.

The album's fifth track, "Pantothenic Acid," continues that same downtempo and jazzy atmosphere but with a bright r&b twist through plucky electric guitar-like synths and a melodic brass section that ramps up the energy. The drums don't appear until much later in the song, totally transitioning the atmosphere into this luxurious and rich listening experience that glitters and gleams through the speakers.

Reaching track number six, "Biotin," akilbeatsdenver continues showering us with radiant and shimmering synths along his uniquely spacious effects that bestow heaps of passion. Once akilbeatsdenver's familiar drums kick in, he uses this song to lean into more organic instrumentation with natural snares, cymbals, and hi-hats, making for a more personable yet dynamic listening experience.

Continuing the bright brass theme and the smooth jazzy atmosphere is the seventh track, "B6," which floats through the speakers with the utmost heavenly vibes. Seven tracks in, and we've come to adore akilbeatsdenver's vast production stylings and his ability to compose such distinct atmospheres. Listeners will have no issue losing themselves in this sonically delicious and jazzy song; it's an easy-listening experience that anyone can appreciate.

Jumping back into an old-school hip-hop vibe is track number eight, "B12," drifting through the speakers with mid-tempo and heavy drums that slowly float into this first verse. This lo-fi meets hip-hop meets jazz atmosphere is incredible, and we're more than impressed with akilbeatsdenver's ability to create such sonically diverse yet cohesive listening experiences. It's one of those zen and relaxing songs that lets you drift off into a daydream.

As we continue our journey through the album, akilbeatsdenver sends us deep into the cosmos with track number nine, "Folate." This soft and sensual song is packed with passion, represented in the smooth and mid-tempo drums that deliver a lush jazzy undertone. akilbeatsdenver's synth arrangements in this gentle track are top-tier; he's done an incredible job maintaining the album's spacious theme through each cohesive track.

Landing on the album's tenth track and halfway point, "Vitamin C," akilbeatsdenver throws us into an even softer and more harmonious listening experience. It's a delicate yet engaging piece that showcases akilbeatsdenver's ability to switch things up and present subtle changes that still align with the album's core vibe and sound. There's a heavenly and chilling aspect of this sweet single that feels like walking on a cloud.

Getting some essential "Vitamin D" on track number eleven, akilbeatsdenver jumps into his jazzy and psychedelic side with unique synth arrangements, rhythmic percussion, twangy electric guitars, and an overall zen atmosphere. It's not every day we come across a track that makes you feel like a million bucks, but akilbeatsdenver effortlessly makes listeners feel that way with each percussion breakdown and zesty synth.

When you're lacking some "Vitamin E," feast your ears on the album's twelfth song. It features a bold and more organic approach that showers us with bright brass melodies, plucky and spacious synths, and the smoothest drums that rain down from the heavens above. It's an incredibly dynamic song, another true showcase of akilbeatsdenver's diverse creative abilities that deliver the best of vibes of hip-hop, lo-fi, r&b, jazz, and electronic.

Upping the cosmic vibe is the album's thirteenth track, "Vitamin K," which has us floating among the stars with akilbeatsdenver's harmonious synth arrangements. The gentle percussion alongside his spacious effects make the experience all the more engaging, and we're sure listeners will love this otherwordly and cosmic aura that packs passion and good vibes from all angles.

Weak bones? Chow down on some "Calcium" with the album's zen fourteenth track. This time around akilbeatsdenver focuses on the warm and tender brass section that opens the song like a lullaby. As the atmospheric drums kick in, akilbeatsdenver does what he does best and paints such lush sonic images that let the listener interpret the experience however they please.

Dropping some "Chloride" into the mixture is track number fifteen, kicking off with another heavenly and sensual vibe that oozes with love and desire. This song might be one of our favorite listening experiences on the album solely because it's a passionate mixture of various genres that have inspired akilbeatsdenver, letting him merge his own sounds to create such impressive compositions that will stand the test of time.

Talk about cinematic compositions on track number sixteen, "Magnesium," floating through the speakers with sparkling sci-fi synths and mythical vocal samples that drift down from the heavens above. It's an incredibly vivid and vibrant piece that feels like the final scenes of a space documentary. akilbeatsdenver delivers his timeless drums only to ramp up the atmosphere, passion, and euphoria tenfold.

Reaching the seventeenth track, "Phosphorus," things get even more sci-fi with alarm-esque synths that seep the sweetest melodies while akilbeatsdenver's spacious drums and psychedelic synths join the party. This song's unique drum patterns will have you bopping your head from start to finish. Not to mention the ear-pleasing and harmonious electronic melodies that feel like a warm sonic embrace.

Slowing things down a bit is the album's eighteenth track, "Potassium," opening with soft acoustic guitar melodies and an array of tender synths. The bright r&b piano melodies paired with the rhythmic and unique drums bring this song into a groovy and upbeat atmosphere. It's a feel-good piece that's sure to enhance your days with the finest melodies, unconventional effects, and an overall dreamy atmosphere.

Reaching a slightly more mysterious and fantasy-like vibe is the nineteenth track, "Sodium," which feels like a bubbly mixture of house music and r&b. It's quite a unique piece that presents akilbeatsdenver's fascination with the cosmos and his ability to take listeners there without moving from the couch. It's a sweet and groovy song that leads us to the album's end with the best possible vibes we could ask for.

Landing on the album's twentieth and outro track, "Sulfur," akilbeatsdenver hits us with what is perhaps the most experimental and adventurous song on the album. The jazzy drums, r&b brass, and tightly-knit synths bestow this irresistible sonic experience that we can't get enough of. It's the perfect culmination of all the tracks prior while closing the album on a note of adventure, passion, and intimacy.

Take it from us; you will never find such a diverse listening experience than akilbeatsdenver's debut 20-track album, Intrinsic. From jazz and r&b to hip-hop and electronic, akilbeatsdenver has it all. Find the new album, Intrinsic, on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, akilbeatsdenver. We're head over heels for the unique and dynamic listening experience that is your debut album, Intrinsic. When did you start creating this album? How long did it take you to develop and finalize?

Firstly thanks for taking the time to listen. I truly appreciate it! I started the process of creating this album in approximately august of 2021. I was already in the rhythm of making beats for possible artist placement, so some of what’s included were created before then, however, the decision to commit to the release was fall of last year. I was working on mastering current trends in hip-hop and r&b production. at the same time, I felt that beats with more instrumentation and non-pop or traditional arrangements were underrepresented. as I started to post more of that type of music on my Instagram, the positive response was the final catalyst that solidified the decision. curating and creating in total took about a year.

Were there any sources of inspiration behind the album, Intrinsic? What led you to create such an adventurous album like this?

Music has always been my catharsis, my counselor. There also has been a lot of discussion of health recently, mental, physical, and spiritual. I wanted to participate in that discussion in a way that I know best, and doesn’t require anything to be exchanged, simply enjoyed and used according to each listener's needs or desires.

How would you describe the sound and vibe of your debut album, Intrinsic? What sounds or artists influenced you?

Moody, comforting, introspective, and inspiring. these words are the best descriptors for intrinsic. I consume many musical genres. electronica, jazz, folk, and hip-hop are all influences for this project. everything from rick ross and producer bink on “Santorini Greece” to fleet fox's “blue ridge mountains” to Freddie Hubbard's “red clay” to Bon Iver's “Michicant” is favorites of mine that gave me energy and courage as to what direction I could go and how far I could travel to capture an emotion that is lasting and impactful.

What is the significance of the songs on Intrinsic being named after different vitamins and nutrients?

#musicismedicine is the mantra for the project. music has an interesting and powerful way of helping the brain retain information. I can recite rhymes or sing songs that I was introduced to decades ago. because of this unique aspect of music, and my desire to help to heal, I was drawn to the idea of the project being nutritional for the mind, body, and soul. I imagined conversations around songs by using their title, either sparking curiosity, “where do I get/what’s the importance of thiamin,” or subconsciously increasing a desire to be aware of what we ingest without it being too directive.

Which song from Intrinsic do you think is your favorite and why? What attracts you to that song in particular?

It really depends on mood, as is the case with much art; as I’m writing this, I’m thinking that if I were to pick at this moment, it would be pantothenic acid. I really like the build and climax at the end with the drums, it’s very satisfying.

What's next for you?

I am going to continue to create, of course! I’m also focusing on placements for movies, tv shows, commercials, and content. the vibe of intrinsic is one that I think works well for visual media as background or definitive. I’m excited to see where this journey takes me, I already feel accomplished by being vulnerable and giving a chance for the world to hear my compositions. Suppose someone can listen to intrinsic and it improves mood, or get an extra hour of study in, a couple more miles on the bike trail, or finally finish the dishes and laundry, accompanying drinks by the fire or daydream music on a long drive to the mountains. In that case, I will have completed my mission!


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