Take an Electric Ride With Nondoh's Newest Single, "One Spark"

The San Diego producer, musician, and composer Nondoh just dropped his electrifying tune titled, "One Spark."

Musically inclined his entire life, Fernando Gomez (Nondoh) began producing and releasing his original music back in 2016, while releasing a debut album "Catharsis" in 2017. Since then, we've seen several singles come from Nondoh, "One Spark" is one of them. He takes the listener out of this world with brilliant and celestial production techniques, not to mention the warm male vocals that effortlessly mesmerize the listener.

We can't help but find peace after experiencing Nondoh's powerful vibes within his catchy and gripping arrangement. 

"One Spark" opens with muffled melodies and an up-tempo beat slowly coming to the forefront. Once the vibrant beat drops, we're met with this prominent bassline that clutches the listener's soul. The soft and melodic male vocals create such a heavenly space within the song, while Nondoh's impeccable production and sonic arrangement give off one of the brightest atmospheres we've felt this year.

With added whaling electric guitar that doesn't overpower the track, we're able to groove away into Nondoh's carefully crafted production. We're impressed with the sound Nondoh has created with "One Spark," as this 4-minute tune definitely stands as one of the most exhilarating and refreshing tracks we've heard to date.

Listen to "One Spark" here.

Hello Nondoh and thank you for catching up with us at BuzzMusic. With your latest single "One Spark," how did you begin your creative process? Which fundamentals did you lay down first and work off of?

With this song I started with the drums, chord progression, and bassline, I was very inspired by Dua Lipa and Charlie Puth.

Were your vocals featured on your single "One Spark"? What was the songwriting process like when finding lyrics that fit the production's atmosphere?

Yes! That's me singing, and I actually wrote the song with my friend Antonio Grajeda. He's a great writer so he helped me develop the theme and write the lyrics.

Do you usually create music that blends electronic dance music and alternative rock like you did with "One Spark"? Would you say that your music lies within one specific genre?

I've noticed that I stick within the retro wave /synth-wave vibe but ultimately I just combine all my favorite elements regardless of genre norms.

How have the world's current events impacted your overall creative process? Do you find that you're creating music more or less than before the pandemic?

Yeah, the pandemic has really changed everything but it has really gotten me to push even harder and work on a lot more music!

What has been keeping you inspired this year?

Seeing everyone working hard and releasing new music, this is definitely the time for independent artists to come up!