Take Cover, TikTok Star Christian Locke Unleashes, "Atom Bomb"

Contemporary rock and roll artist Christian Locke is here to showcase his originality with a brand new music release. During the height of quarantine, Christian Locke was musically inspired and uploaded his creative guitar playing onto TikTok, gaining a whopping 2 million followers and quickly becoming a fan-favorite.

Propelled by his latest rise in fame, Christian Locke has released his highly anticipated, first-ever single: "Atom Bomb". The song itself brings on many-layered elements of sound. From punchy drum beats and electrifying guitar rhythms to more soothing vocals, and then back to robust instrumentals, "Atom Bomb" proves to be a versatile listening experience. The vocal play alone from Christian Locke garners attention and his strategy keeps listening ears wary and fixated.

"Atom Bomb" is definitely your modern-day rock n' roll-inspired extravaganza. The ingrained emotion from Christian Locke is potent, and the storyline follows along with the narrative of hidden love--a love that sparks intense passion, leaving Christian Locke's "heart exploding like an atom bomb". Listen in carefully to the lyricism presented in "Atom Bomb", because there's a ton of hidden lessons that Christian Locke embedded into the track, and you'll hone into them if you truly stay present.

"Atom Bomb" lets listeners ultimately dive into the heart of Christian Locke and understand how powerful love and affection can be, as well as the hold it can have on one's heart. It suffices to say that Christian Locke's original sound will spark engagement, and we can't wait to see Christian Locke's listening community grow from here.

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