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Take in the Heated Notes of "GingerTea"

Fafiélla may be small in stature, but her soul is brimming over with love and light and her sound is anything but small. Her lyrics are a fusion of whatever she is feeling that day, so they are always authentic. Her whimsical, goofy, and chill nature seeps into your soul and sets your heart on fire.

Although Fafiélla has only officially been making music seriously for a year, she has been performing on and off for most of her pre-teen, teen, and young adult life. Fafiélla has dedicated the last year to step out of the shadow of fear and into her own as an empowered female artist and vocalist.

Reaching to the soul-infused quintessence that Fafiélla renders in “GingerTea,” we’re presented with an all-access pass to the inner mechanisms of this mystical artist’s creative canvas. Opulent acoustic guitar strums hint at warm tones that have us flocking to Fafiélla’s embrace in a glib motion.

With the themes of “GingerTea,” basking in the contrast of mind control from the perspective of the actions, thoughts, and emotions of self, versus society and how it affects our soul’s freedom, Fafiélla aims to inspire the likes of her audience to embrace their own genuine selves as she herself learns to bask in the glory of her authentic self.

The way that her buttery notes collide in a swift motion as she croons “I’ve been sipping on my ginger tea,” has us fully immersed in the sweet dominance that Fafiélla portrays in her musical creations.

Produced by production architect Daniel Jay, the dynamism that jumps from the intensity of “GingerTea,” screams a match made in heaven. The perfectly balanced fusion rejoices in prevailing chimes and sultry passion that clasps onto the spirited charisma of Fafiélla.

Submit yourselves to taking in all that is Fafiélla. Prepare to sink into your seat, and sip on a warm beverage of choice; might we suggest some ginger tea?

Congratulations on the release of, “GingerTea.” What moment or story inspired the creation of this single?

Peace and Love BuzzMusic and thank you so much. "GingerTea" was written during a time of intense self-reflection, realization, and transformation. It was so internally messy because my perspective on life was changing a lot faster than I could ever have anticipated. I was seeing things through a completely different lens, and feeling my emotions so intensely, it was crazy. Little did I know, that was just the beginning. I can confidently say now, that although life definitely has not gotten much easier or less intense, in the same token it has and will continue to, as I continue to evolve and grow.

In your own words, what do you hope that listeners feel when listening to this song?

Honestly, I made this song as a kind of reminder or note to myself, so I did not go into it thinking about how it would make others feel. However, as I continued to listen to it before the release, I realized it was kind of like a reality check (from my perspective), as well as a whole bunch of affirmations. It makes me feel present and reminds me to be there for myself and to be patient as I get to know myself on a soul level. My hope is that the song will spark an interest and inspire others to become more aware of themselves and how their energy contributes to the environment of the collective.

We’re assuming that ginger tea has a special place in your life if you’ve named a track after it! What is the significance of ginger tea to you?

Ginger tea is definitely my favorite kind of tea to drink. If it's made available to me, I'm having all of it :) Also, I really do spend a lot of time sipping on ginger tea and thinking about life.

Could you please take us into the creative and recording process of “GingerTea”?

A really cool producer in Toronto named "Daniel Jay" reached out to me and sent me a couple of samples of his work and I was really connecting with his artistic energy. So, we planned to meet one day and create a song just to feel the vibe and chemistry of an artist and producer. During that time I was going through my realizations about life, and various other aspects of existence, so as he started to create the beat I just wrote what was in my head. "GingerTea" to me is like a melodic list of reminders, and so it was born that day with a producer I had met and worked with for the first time. Safe to say, the chemistry is there and I plan to work with him in the future!

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

I'm working on some very exciting projects right now and plan to share them with everyone in 2021.


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