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Take in the Moment with Viktoria Vera's, "Living In the Future"

From Poland to Los Angeles, the soul-infused R&B singer-songwriter instills a sense of hopefulness and adoration with the themes of this single honing in on love being essential to the essence of life.

Adapting to a retro-organic soundscape that pulls you in through waves of experimental hues, the formidable atmosphere drips into ominous indie rock hues through the musical arrangement cast out by Dan Searl.

The atmospheric vocalization of Viktoria Vera elusively works its way into this composition before it breaks out into the prevailing nature of empowering reflection. As we carefully listen to the intricately crafted lyrics cascading euphonious timbres over the build of the instrumentation, we begin to feel the music on profound levels.

With a narrative that is a mirror into us as human beings in society who continuously want more to the point that the world suffers when we repetitively compare ourselves to others. The end result is we wind up feeling that we are not enough. It takes an array of emotions to portray such a vulnerable reality through croons that poignantly shift your perspective for the better.

"Living In The Future," has us blown away by the artistic versatility that Viktoria Vera showcases. She proves to her audience that she can adapt in a way that sees her reaching heights that propel her to unchartered territory. The brilliant collaboration between Viktoria Vera and Dan Searl takes the cake for being so intensely unique, and spellbinding.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Viktoria Vera, it's a pleasure to speak with you, the essence of “Living In the Future,” has us fully wrapped up in your talents. What inspired you to follow a different musical structure than the R&B/Hip-hop route that you’re used to?

I would not say that artistically I am caught up in one genre. In addition, I would not call myself just an RnB and soul artist. I am influenced the most by those 2 genres but I enjoy mixing other genres. I don’t like limiting myself to one style of song. My goal is to create as many different songs as I can and find a way to make my voice shine through all the different formulas.

We are honestly huge fans of both yourself and Dan Searl. So, hearing that this collaboration was happening completely left us in shock. What was it like working with one another? How did this collaboration come to be?

I have always enjoyed collaborating and Dan and I have been consistently making music together since we met in 2019. “Living In The Future” was a co-write songwriting-wise as usual. What works well is that Dan has a touch with the production, beats, and lyrics and I have my voice, storytelling, and production preferences as well. Usually, when I write I like to write to a beat and use the music to inspire a top-line. Dan may come up with a new beat and I just hop on the microphone and see what happens. Spontaneity is an element in our work. A lot of melodies come from the feeling the beat fosters and in essence lays the groundwork for harmonically.

Was there a particular moment that inspired the elaborate and vulnerable narrative told in this single?

Yes, I have moments all the time when I miss my family for a long time and not being able to see them because of the travel restrictions however I wanted to enjoy myself and make the most of the opportunity that was given to me by God so I am always doing my best to stay present and be grateful for a moment.

How would you compare “Living In the Future,” to others songs heard in your musical catalog?

With this song, I felt the writing was on point and the message means a lot to me. I know people will connect with the message of needing to be present and not focus on the past or too much on the future. The lyric is meaningful for me as a human being - I never have recorded an indie rock song before this record and in general, I have always been a fan of rock so it feels good to share this song with the world.



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