Take Note of Naviyah's Sound Lyrical Message Within Her Lively New Single, "Birthday Drink"

Based in South London, the non-explicit Rapper and Singer/Songwriter Naviyah comes through with a heated birthday banger for her latest single, "Birthday Drink." 

Always aiming to instill a deeper message within her music, Naviyah believes that positive lyricism and a sound message will always win the listener over. Naviyah's Christian faith helps guide her lyrical content with life experiences and her personal journey. 

With her latest song, "Birthday Drink," Naviyah celebrates another year on this earth with a heated and modern Hip-Hop bop, with warm R&B sonic elements that add to the overall energetic and lively vibe.

What's interesting about this track is that Naviyah encourages moderation when drinking and still being able to comprehend the world around you. We're very impressed with such a wise message over a heated song that helps listeners safely have a good night. "Birthday Drink" opens with melodic synths and punchy bass-like synths that offer a powerful sonic low-end.

Once Naviyah begins describing the end of the week, getting ready to brace herself for a movie of a night, her warm vocals and mix of rapping and singing offers the song immense depth and keeps listeners engaged with each intricate transition. 

Listening to her lyrical message and bars more thoroughly, Naviyah begins to describe scenarios of avoiding the black-out phase by keeping her drinks to a minimum and enjoying the party even more because she could comprehend what's going on around her. The song ends off with incredible energy through the tightly-wound Hip-Hop/R&B production that oozes with life, alongside Naviyah's sweet-sounding vocals that keep our ears locked in. 

We're very impressed with the sound and positive message that Naviyah infused into her single, "Birthday Drink," as she encourages listeners to get down with the liveliness of the party, yet safely and responsibly. 

Listen to "Birthday Drink" here.

Our heads are bopping away with your banger of a song, "Birthday Drink." What inspired you to create the song? Did you make this piece to get down with on your birthday?

Amazing! This is what I like to hear lol I’m really happy that you guys are genuinely digging the track. I wanted to create a birthday celebration song more suited to young people, like in a pop/rap commercial sound, and I wanted to send a subtle message to encourage young people to drink alcohol in moderation. Like in the second verse, I say; "Pour Me A Drink, But Not Too Much I Gotta Think.” Oh my gosh, there’s drunken stories behind this verse lol.

I remember on my 19th birthday, myself and my friends all went out to celebrate at a nightclub and of course, when it’s your birthday, you're constantly getting free drinks all night. I normally try to stick to the same style of drink, as from past experiences, mixing different alcoholic drinks together can be an absolute mess. That night, I was so drunk, I was completely out of my head and I really dislike not being in control of my own body and mind, and the next morning, I was recovering from a serious hangover and I was like BOI. NEVER EVER AGAIN lol.

But now being a born again Christian today, I’ve really changed a lot spiritually, it’s amazingly beautiful because I’ve literally changed from the inside out, it’s like my body no longer craves for old habits or bad addictions that I use to carry out growing up as a teenager/young adult. The Holy Bible also teaches us to drink alcohol responsibly (Ephesians 5:18) so I like to stick by this scripture and to be honest, alcohol really zaps my energy these days lol so I try to avoid it. When you listen to my other songs ‘Sippin On Dat’ and ‘Change’ and actually digest the lyrics, you will definitely understand and hear a clear message about my past experiences and relationship with alcohol.

It’s funny because when I wrote 'Sippin On Dat, I literally came off alcohol for like a year and a half prior around that time, it’s like my body or spirit was just no longer enjoying alcohol anymore, and deep down for real, I felt like the Lord wanted me to be sober and remain pure to create this specific track in order for it to be more effective musically

Speaking on your lyrical content and bars within "Birthday Drink," what pushed you to come through with a wise message regarding alcohol intake and acting on it responsibly? I’m aware through the news and media about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, more so amongst young people, eg; drink and driving, antisocial behavior, and alcohol poisoning. Binge drinking can be fatal.

Regarding the sweltering sonics within your single "Birthday Drink," how did Stealth The Producer help bring your sonic vision to life? What sort of atmosphere did you want the production to offer? I wanted a fun and positive style of music that would appeal to the younger generation, and I also wanted a Chris Brown type of sound, however, once the music video is completed following the lockdown, it will be easier to bring my visuals to life. You've mentioned that within your music, you express your Christian faith and life journey. Could you tell us more about your artistic brand and what listeners should associate you with? My faith plays a big role within my music, and it helps me to avoid swearing or cursing on my tracks, so I feel that this is my USP as an artist, especially being a young female in the Rap/Hip-Hop industry, many male fans and male artists have said it’s really rare to find an artist like myself, who has swag, someone who’s attractive, slightly hood and someone who’s really bold about her faith, it’s definitely different from the norm. I’m happy that hood boys really rate my movement and enjoy my music, I feel like listeners sometimes like to adapt to artists who come out with a different wave of sound or someone who brings something fresh to the table musically, has a good impact. With my style of music as an artist, I’m constantly told by many, that I sound like a female version of ‘Giggs’, with my deep urban, gritty rap sound, and have also been compared to UK artist ‘Tinie Tempah’ on my track entitled ’Sippin On Dat’. What can fans anticipate next from you? Definitely new songs and a few music videos next year (2021), my fans are always demanding new music and they definitely want an Album from me, so I will also be working towards that. I’m extremely excited to release some of my new material, as I will be experimenting with different genres and possibly start collaborating again with other artists. I do have titles of four new songs already but I don’t want to give away too much yet!