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Take The Chaw On The Road While "Driving Your Car"

Relentless and hypnotic, The Chaw is an unstoppable force with a sonic inevitability. Hungry, insatiable, damn-good rock 'n roll, The Chaw is a cut from the very same granite of the greats like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Johnny Cash, Cream, and the Golden Era shaped by their peers.

Three hands beckoning, you'll quickly see just how they're a wall of pulsating auditory energy, a rolling psychedelic groove undulating from a moonlit desert roadside tavern, a broken jukebox in a haunted diner at the graveyard shift, and the highway tide washed upon graffiti-sick concrete beneath an overpass.

Tuning into "Driving Your Car," the latest single to come amplified from The Chaw, we're fully drawn towards the headbanging bop that has us reminiscing on classic rock with a newfound twist.

The chugging guitar riffs steer the composition as the energetic sounds mesh with the timely percussion patterns and rhythmic bass grooves bolstered throughout this record. Giving you the type of energy rush that has you wanting to turn the volume up and go for a long drive with the windows rolled down, this is a sliver of the empowering tunes that The Chaw delivers to your speakers.

Paired with eye-catching visuals that further lure you into the bright lights at night in the city scope of it all, we tour the streets with The Chaw as the mesmerizing visual effects up the ante and transport us to the almost psychedelic hues intended. As we grasp onto the darkly mixed and bellowing timbres of the main vocal performance, we're swept into the ominous hues that counter the uncontrollable momentum coming from us as we get lost in "Driving Your Car."

Fully equipped with the auditory power to change up your whole mood, The Chaw takes us for a spin we'll gladly encounter in "Driving Your Car."

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