"Take Time," With The Collective Bus and Their Debut Single

From Miami, Florida, the alternative rock trio The Collective Bus sings a reflective ode to relationship confusion with their debut single, "Take Time."

Consisting of Daniel Correa, Aldo X, and David Hidalgo, The Collective Bus takes their name after the Argentinian double-decker bus Colectivo. While fusing their music with an Afro-Cuban flair, The Collective Bus takes influence from acts like Angelique Kidjo to deliver their high-octane performances for anyone to enjoy.

Through their debut single, "Take Time," The Collective Bus sings a delicate story of lovers who sadly drift apart while both individuals take time to reflect on who they are in the present. While Daniel Correa sings his saddened message alongside his tender electric guitar, Aldo X pushes a vibrant and emotional bassline that leads the song into a daydream with help from David Hidalgo's soothing drum patterns.

The opening of "Take Time" is Daniel Correa's delicate electric guitar melodies and warm vocals that sing of silent suffering due to a relationship's end. As Aldo X's soft bassline makes its way in alongside David Hidalgo's jazzy drum patterns, the song truly comes together to offer vast emotion from each sonic and lyrical aspect.

Danial Correa's melancholy lyricism gives listeners vulnerable and profound themes to relate with while offering an emotional performance to emphasize his inner turmoil further. Coming to an end, The Collective Bus has truly poured their hearts out on this reflective single, and we're more than pleased with the outcome.

Find The Collective Bus' recent single, "Take Time," on all digital streaming platforms, and float yourself into introspection with the band's emotional lyricism and gentle performance.

How did the inspiration for this single come about? Was it a collective inspiration or an individual? Before I even go into anything, I just want to say that there is a coup happening in the once democratic nation of Myanmar that is hardly being talked about. We need as many eyes on the issue as possible as citizens are being silenced within their own nation. Anyway, moving forward.....

Our once guitarist and forever co-writer of this song, Ben often took calls away from us, going on walks that led to his own little adventures. The image of him on the phone need to take the time to sort things out formed the central thesis of the work. I can't think of this song without thinking of him, without thinking about our relationship to one another. A relationship connected and severed by a series of phone calls because of how this virus has divided us. We needed to take time apart as much as we took time together. Wounds heal in different ways. Why did you want the emotional and delicate single "Take Time" to lead the way of your band's career? How does this single help represent your group's sound and style? It wasn't my choice. This was a strategic effort made by a marketing firm we were partnering with because October was Mental Health Awareness Month. Taking time is certainly something we're all doing while the world comes back to what we once knew, or at least a form similar. To answer the second, more interesting question, it represents 'a style' in our repertoire. We pride ourselves on a diversity of sound that can change at the drop of a hat. Sometimes to our own detriment. Maybe there is another 'Take Time' in me, or Aldo, or Ben (if he wants to do another co-write), but I'm just trying to have fun, and fun for me is what is going to be the next thing? How do we keep this ball rolling? Push our envelope even further.

Could you take us through your songwriting and instrumental creative process for "Take Time?" How did your group split the work behind the scenes? We were on tour, the first time visiting Pittsburgh, exploring the South end. A lovely strip of stores and we needed to head into a music shop to acquire some gear for ourselves. Naturally, as musicians are wont on to do we settled into Pittsburgh Guitars, playing their wares. Our guitarist at the time, Ben Youngblood, played a descending line that really caught my ear which then led us down a rabbit hole to the melody. Once we had our sketch, the lyrics came quite easily over the course of 45 minutes on a several hour-long cars rides from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts(as far as I remember).

Seeing as "Take Time" is your debut single, should we anticipate more soothing and tender releases like this in the future? Or do you plan on experimenting with more energetic sounds as well? I plan on giving the people what they want. If more heartfelt singer-songwriter balladry is the demand then I shall contort my form to Phoebe Bridgers or Adrianne Lenker(Greater forms than I) to meet it. What I want is to definitely experiment, energize, and all sorts of permutations thereof. My background is in rock, pop-punk, and ska so Take Time is the exception, not the rule. Please go check out any of our live shows. I like going fast because fast=fun. I have a very simple brain. This first album; however, I imagine will have a whole spectrum of tempos being a more pop-oriented effort. Slowly we'll dive deeper into the more punk-influenced, math-rock territory. Bands like Kero Kero Bonito and Ween(Greater forms than I) are those with trajectories I'm trying to follow. Our audience currently is exposed to a wide range of sounds so I think it's possible, but I could be putting the cart before the horse. It wouldn't be the first time.

What would you like listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

Our ethos is to "always go 100%, especially when it's not called for". We're trying to cultivate a DIY, Punk atmosphere and that means not tolerating intolerance. Confront the paradox of bigotry in the fucking face as we continue to champion Human rights wherever and whenever we can. Our shows by extension are a space to celebrate otherness, where all identities(orientation, disability, ethnicity, etc) can come together and have a great time. Unless you're a bigot, pedophile, or just a general piece of crap then there is a seat on the bus for you. I hope y'all join on for the ride. Be kind. Stay kind. Again, please keep your eyes on the political situation of Myanmar. The more press, the better. Much love.