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Taking A Deeper Dive Into Dear Quinton And His Song, "Fo' Eva Thang"

Crafting and generating an authentic, timeless vibe is the style that Dear Quinton naturally follows within his music. Bringing flavor and spontaneity to his soundscapes, you can expect Dear Quinton to craft a sound of comfort, one that easily elevates the listening mind and propels the senses in a stimulating direction.

"Fo' Eva Thang" took inspiration from the classic 90s R&B music scene and believes that he was subconsciously influenced by his favorite artist, Aaliyah.

With simplistic harmonies, Dear Quinton planned for "Fo' Eva Thang" to contain an easygoing rhythm so that his audience is able to easily sit back and effortlessly relax to. With the idea of remedying his listener's stresses with one single, Dear Quinton took his sweet time creating each aspect of his single. He ensured that a real vibe was set, one that can wind down and help to bring forth some type of emotionality.

All in all, "Fo' Eva Thang" gave such realness on Dear Quinton's end. The song will forever be a raw reflection of his intentions and we're excited for what's to come with his future music.

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