Talented Rapper And Lyricist KEY Releases Debut “Warm Nights”

Born in Jacksonville, FL, young up and comer KEY was moved around many times during his childhood. From foster home to foster home, KEY grew up with a tougher childhood than most. Through his struggles he was able to find his passion for music. He uses his music as an emotional outlet to tell his story.

We checked out KEY’s latest release “Warm Nights” and were hooked on this new artist. With a smooth and infectious melody, this anthem rings in a true hip-hop vibe. Full of clarity and truth, KEY’s lyrics are a refreshing addition to the music industry today. KEY is unapologetic and authentically honest. The rawness that’s in every punchline is unpredictable yet consistent. KEY gives a confident and edgy appeal to his artistry while staying true to the hip-hop roots that founded the culture of rap. His lyricism and flow are addicting and smooth, while the backbeats are vibrant and classic. He is killing it and we’re here for it while he writes relatable rhymes and remains true to himself and his message. KEY floats melodically on the hook and verses of his new single to create a memorable track. 

Check out “Warm Nights” here and read more with KEY in our interview below!

Hi KEY! Can you tell us a bit about how you got started making music?

Well, I was in middle school when I first started to really explore music, I always used to freestyle at the lunch tables with my friends. Actually middle school was when I recorded my first track but sadly the tape was lost. But I’ve always had a feel for music, it became an outlet for me especially when I taught myself how to play the piano and guitar, I don’t know how to read notes tho.

Who are your top three musical influences and why?

Eminem was the first artist that drew me into music, I feel like I could really relate to his lyrics because I feel that we went through similar struggles. Kendrick Lamar and The Wu Tang clang influenced me because of their style of lyric choices. 

Tell us about your song “Warm Nights”! What inspired this?

The song is basically angled towards chill summer nights, relaxing, driving around with the top down in the nighttime, and basically just vibin’. Funny thing is I was actually high as shit making this track and I basically just told my engineer “aye let’s get in the booth right now” and he was like “alright bet”. So I went In there and free-styled, just sayin shit off the top of the dome. 

What would be your dream venue to perform?

Probably to perform at rolling loud. That shit would be crazy. 

How does the music you make now compare to when you first started making music?

I mean I feel like I still got my same style from when I first started making music, every artist is trying to compare themselves to what’s out there and what’s hot now but imma stick to mine. 

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