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Exclusive Premiere: The First Listen To Talkie's Fabulous New Single “Headfone, Pt. 2”

Talkie is a band from Fremont, California, just outside San Francisco. So far, they have released three records, “Hablas”, “Fundamental Things”. Releasing on Friday April 19th, “Headfone, Pt. 2” is a brand new single coming out by Talkie. Right away, the listener is met with a huge wall of sound. The drums, bass and guitars form together to create a lush soundscape. The verse is much more sparse, with calming vocals and ringing chords.

The melodies are simple but effective, and the vocals themselves are sometimes punctuated with soaring harmonies that add to the already lush sounding vibes. The song ends quite well with the instruments dissipating and the guitar weaving through a beautiful melodic line. Talkie has managed to craft a single with a truly unique sound that is guaranteed to grab your attention. We highly recommend you give this brand new single “Headfone, Pt. 2” a listen today!

Get the exclusive first listen to “Headfone, Pt. 2” below, and keep scrolling to get to know more about Talkie below!

Listen to "Headfone, Pt. 2" on Spotify!


Thanks for catching up with us! First of all, how did you all meet and form Talkie?

Brad: Hey, no prob.

Eric: Thanks for having us.

Brad: Chris and I met in a hot tub. We bonded over Mobile Suit Gundam and the new Yellowcard record at the time. Matty and I are brothers, so there’s that. Chris kicked Eric out of an old band a long time ago, and well, here we are today.

Eric: Chris negates this but he isn’t here to defend himself.

Who would you say are your biggest collective artistic influences?

Eric: Ummmm it changes so often. Beatles, Beach Boys, Barry Gibb. Brad and I did a deep dive into the VU (vaporwave universe) to varying degrees. We made some YouTube gold that no one really saw. Lately I’ve been jamming the Trolls’ soundtrack because it’s all my daughter listens to.

Brad: Vaporwave. We all like The Strokes, I think. Everyone digs Mac Demarco except for Eric. Been sippin’ down too much of that haterade.

What is your creative process like? How does all the music come together?

Eric: Someone brings a song into Headfone HQ (our studio) and we jam it out together. Sometimes the idea is already really flushed out, and other times we start from scratch. We’re pretty much always recording so if something cool happens we can peep it.

Brad: Someone might come with lyrics, but then we’ll tell them to write better lyrics, and often times, they do just that.

You’ve got a brand new single out called “Headfone, Pt. 2”. Is there anything you can share with us in terms of a meaning or message behind the music?

Eric: We wrote all the lyrics together in the studio right before we tracked them which was a first for us. Normally we write lyrics alone or in pairs but this was a team effort.

Brad: The song dances around some FOMO-related feelings and self-doubt, socially.

What can we hope to see from Talkie in the future?

Eric: New album Everything Matters coming out soon!

Brad: Live forever.


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