Talks New Music Video "Love Me like That" and What's Next for Her in 2020!

Hi BROOKLNN and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers about how you got started in music? I’ve always had a love relationship with music ever since I could speak I think I was singing or humming to myself. I had 2 aunts growing up that loved music and would always blast their favorite pop songs on the radio in the car and they were my greatest memories as a kid, that’s how I got to know pop music. My passion for it grew as I got older and I studied it a bit more in high school, the theory side of it I struggled with but singing and writing was just natural for me! I started writing poems when I was 11 but then when I started to learn how to play piano and guitar I realized my poems were lyrics!

What was it like touring and writing in Sweden?

I didn’t get around to performing a whole lot in Australia though I did a tour with Peg Parnevik around Sweden one summer as one of her back up singers and that was super cool! The main reason I moved to Stockholm was so I could write- and I did nearly every day for 4 years! People still don’t realize the amount of pop music that gets pumped out by the swedes and you hear it on commercial radio all the time! I miss being able to be in a different studio in everyday writing! But I don’t miss the cold so much and I have made some awesome friends in the industry in Australia now and I’m just hungry to get new music out all the time.

"Love Me Like That", is such a raw and emotional piece of toxic relationships. What made you want to share this part of your life with the world? How does it feel recording and singing these lyrics?

If you ask my friends I think they’ll tell you I’m not afraid to talk about my feelings haha. I’m basically an open book. If someone hurt me or my friends badly I’m definitely going to write about it. I’m not the type to push feelings down cuz I think it’s mentally unhealthy and also, I want to be thankful for the hurt because they’re the fuel to my creative flame!

You have a natural flair of writing pop bangers, do you see yourself expanding/ fusing other genres in the future?

Well when I first moved to Sweden, my main focus was songwriting for other projects only and I definitely had to be open to writing for other genres like K-pop, J-pop, Latin, EDM, and even rap.. and I still do write for others! I actually love having to wear different hats in the studio when I’m writing for others. It gets me out of the BROOKLNN bubble for a minute haha 

Thanks for chatting with us at BuzzMusic! We love your style and relatable lyrics. Having the last 4 years in Sweden and moving back to Australia, have you found any new muses to inspire your future singles?

Thanks so much for having me on BuzzMusic! I definitely am loving a few Aussie artists I’ve discovered recently that I think are badass: CXLOE, BOI, and Carmouflage Rose! Check them out