Tall Children and Youngr Leave a Lasting Impression With the Release of "Last For Long"

When you hear the new song, "Last For Long" by Tall Children and Youngr, you’ll not soon forget it. Bringing two of the UK’s most prominent voices in pop together, this song delivers a funk-rich vibe and a powerful message. The world is in a constant state of change and it’s a fact that at one moment you’re here and in the next moment you are gone. Now, we can choose to live in fear of that truth, or we can live to the fullest, just like this song suggests. "Last For Long" begins as though the artist is speaking to a friend, and advising them to appreciate the here and now. As the hook starts, “What a time to be alive, find your whole new drive,” are the lyrics sung by the artist. We are reminded that everything in life, including life itself, doesn’t ‘last for long’ and we are to enjoy it while we can, make the best decisions while being kind to others and ourselves.

Tall Children is a project by Ben Hughes, and the result of a life of dedication to his craft. He began his journey into music by picking up a guitar and has grown into an outstanding musician who has performed alongside Paulo Nutini, The Zutons and Sir Paul McCartney himself; but not long after, Ben felt the powerful need to explore and develop his own artistry. He is dedicated to the development of both himself and others. While mentoring young artists in achieving their creative pursuits, Ben was inspired to name his project ‘Tall Children’. A name that embodies a message of perpetual youth and inspires us to age, but never lose our childlike wonder. Collaborating with musical powerhouse Youngr, the two artists were able to write "Last For Long" in a single day. The final song exists somewhere between Ibiza Club banger and Acoustic-Pop while being completely memorable.

Hello Tall Children, welcome to Buzz Music and thank you for being here! The message you share in your new song ‘Last for long’ is important but can be hard to hear. How do you balance this message of impermanence with playfulness?

I guess the underlying message behind this song is positivity. My main agenda was always going to be fun and playfulness. The main chorus hook line and as you say the theme of impermanence is more a reference to the bad times. Millennials seem to be hugely concerned with larger issues such as climate change, BREXIT, gender classification or the current systems of government and politics to name a few examples. This song is a positive outlook on all those negative things associated with them, saying that whatever your thoughts on the bad stuff, the fact that it won’t ‘Last For Long’ is the truth. That is how I reconcile the fun and the uncertainty, as the chorus states “it’s time to be alive”!

You began your musical career by picking up the guitar and after years of dedication, found yourself gracing stages with legends. How does your past as a session musician influence your music today?

Certainly being in the session world has helped me strengthen my musical muscles. It’s also been a tremendous privilege working with some of the biggest names in the music biz. It’s all helped to keep me grounded and more or less sane! Going into sessions is all about knowing your stuff and that not only speeds up the whole writing/recording process but also I believe increases your creativity and to strive for great things. The best session guys are always the ones with the most ideas! My music is heavily influenced by that world and those experiences because I’m constantly trying to up my game and come up with the ideas that work best.

After realizing that you wanted to pursue your own project, you also spent a lot of time aiding others in achieving their musical goals. What inspires you to help other artists grow?

The bottom line for me is that it’s good to help people regardless of whether their goals are musical or otherwise. The inspiration for this altruism I guess is the concept of basic human brotherhood. However, in music, you see this really come alive in abundance because all the best music tends to be a process that has been shared, collaborated, sound boarded, etc. Very rarely are people isolated in the music business, to get anywhere you have to be all about sharing. A classic case in point, of course, is Billie Eilish and Finneas. I genuinely love hearing people’s creativity and seeing them go on to achieve their best. I think by helping others, you help yourself.

What can we expect to hear next from Tall Children?

The last few releases have been collaborations so I think the next one in line will be a stand-alone piece. There’s also a live show and tour in preparation so in terms of what is coming I can only say that I’m super excited and there are loads more to come very soon in 2020.