“TAMAGOTCHI FREESTYLE” By Skip Waiters Is Out Now!

Born in Toronto, raised in the suburbs of Brampton, Canada, Skip Waiters finds his joy in being able to create catalogs of musical artistry reflecting his experiences growing up in the city. Shaping his own creative direction, Waiters’ introduction and passion for music came at a time when he needed to find his individuality. His love for the arts and storytelling transcended into his love for music. Crafting his abilities from the ground up, Waiter’s taught himself how to produce, write and curate his own sound using original progressions with no samples. Through years of developing as an artist, Waiter’s released his first single this year and hasn’t looked back.

TAMAGOTCHI FREESTYLE” comes in hard from the offset, showcasing Skip Waiters dominance as an up and coming hip-hop artist. Skip Waiters captivates right the way through. He does so without volume or gimmicks, just with the strength of his own bars and the unique quality of his voice. “TAMAGOTCHI FREESTYLE” emerges with weight and originality, but still it provides this easy-going groove that feels unexpectedly uplifting and even motivational. All the while, as this lyricism pours through and compels you, the music offers a hard-hitting beat. You get a sense that Skip Waiters follows his own rules entirely, but does so with skill and consideration. “TAMAGOTCHI FREESTYLE” is a superb track, an easy personal highlight for 2019, and a strong introduction to the artist and producer that is Skip Waiters.



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