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Tamar Mitchell Might Just Hit Your Line In “Best Friend”

Fusing elements of hip-hop, R&B and even soul, Tamar Mitchell is a name you’re going to want to remember. A multi-talented musician passionate about performing, composing, and arranging, Mitchell is poised to make a statement with his effortlessly smooth and enticing vocals and ability to blend genres to make his unique sound seamlessly. With over five years of experience as a soloist, Mitchell is no stranger to the game, and with his talent and commitment to his craft, there’s no limit to how far he can take it.

Something that immediately sets Tamar apart from other musicians is his incredible resilience, determination and grace in the face of adversity. Despite suffering from a severe case of the rare bleeding disorder hemophilia A, Tamar has never let it hold him back. Instead, he has committed to using his music to inspire and uplift others, encouraging them to see the brighter side of life and overcome any challenges that come their way. Above all else, his resilience and positive attitude shine through in every release, lighting the way for those following him.

Tamar's compositions are lively, dynamic, and crafted with a level of skill and attention to detail that is truly remarkable. His latest release, “Best Friend,” follows this blueprint; over a bright (and dare we say hopeful?) instrumental sound, Mitchell’s vocals shine through like the sun coming out from the clouds after a rainy day. Dropping lines like “I don't want to move too fast /Just to loo loo lose you,” Mitchell’s delivery turns lyrics that show trepidation into ones that instead radiate hope and positivity, while lines like “I just may hit your line and show you that your mine / Yeah you one of a kind” radiate the kind of positivity that leaves you smiling before you even realize it.

If you need a bright, cheerful, but ultimately groovy new song to get into, Tamar Mitchell’s “Best Friend” will be a song you want to watch out for. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Best Friend,” available soon.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tamar Mitchell! Wow, we loved “Best Friend,” it was super cool how you took lyrics that may sound hesitant but turned them into something overwhelmingly positive! We have to ask, what inspired this song? Were you drawing from personal experience?

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it) BestFriend was definitely from personal experience. It starts as a reflection song. Best Friend is of two meanings. The first one is "mental," me being my own best friend. I start off talking to myself, reassuring myself that I have my own back no matter what and that I will make my dreams a reality. The second meaning stems from "physical" actually having a best friend with that you're hesitant to express your feelings toward them. As humans, we bottle up emotion sometimes and often are scared of the possible outcome.

You mentioned that you’re afflicted with hemophilia A, which is difficult to deal with. How do you persevere and remain positive? Do you have any advice for people who may also be struggling in a similar situation?

Having Hemophilia has been a struggle growing up I persevere and remain positive because music heals, and I plan to help those needing healing to find peace and real stories in my music. Connecting with the disabled community Im in hopes of giving those of difference hope and strength to know that they can do or be anything they want to be and live their lives to the fullest. There is a real pain, love, and moments in my music that many can relate to.

Why do you make music?

I refrain from the statement of making music, I live through it, and it flows through me. Music is within me and gives me the ability to shift atmospheres. I embrace the process because it gives me freedom of expression; I am completely me when I write, sing, or play an instrument.

What’s been your favourite musical memory thus far?

My favourite musical memory thus far has been working with the company Beacon Street in California. The vibes were amazing I truly love the process of making great music.

What’s next for Tamar Mitchell? Do you have any big plans for the rest of the year?

What's next for Tamar Mitchell is the life I always wanted and saw myself in, and that's on being a superstar. I plan on launching my jewelry brand, "Drip," a very exclusive type of jewelry. This year I plan to finish the recordings of an album I've been working on with my band GREY full of different musicians and artists, but mostly Chicago's finest. This is something that a lot of people would want to tune into. Lastly, performing at the Metro this year will be a blast and planning on doing more pop performances at festivals and collaborating with So Far Chicago this year.


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