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Tamarrow Holds Nothing Back In “CHANGES” & “SAFE GUARD”

Clio-winning singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Tamarrow hits our speakers with two groundbreaking singles titled "CHANGES" and "SAFE GUARD."

There's no putting Tamarrow in a box. And there's no holding him back, either. The talented singer-songwriter is deeply passionate about expressing life's many experiences, especially the painful ones, through music. With a severe bleeding disorder, Tamarrow knows all about pain, and he's breaking barriers between mental health and self-awareness with each release.

More recently, Tamarrow treated listeners to two new singles that are impressively quite different from one another. If anything, it's a solid introduction to his music and ability to defy genres, blur the lines, and create music that resonates with him and anyone who listens.

In "CHANGES," we're met with a fiery and upbeat blend of Afrobeat and electronic house music, vibrating the speakers with irresistible vibes. Tamarrow's vocals are heavenly, and his discussion of life's many changes highlights one crucial thing: he promises to stay true to himself, even when he doesn't know which path to take.

Then, there's "SAFE GUARD," a complete 180 from "CHANGES" that features a delicate piano melody and leans heavily into the tender atmosphere of R&B. There's a hint of Frank Ocean in Tamarrow's vocals and delivery, but what's even more impressive are his lyrics that depict universal feelings of protecting his emotions from the many triggers life throws his way. It's a stunning song that already has us singing along.

Tamarrow undoubtedly knows his way around creating bangers. Whether they're upbeat and danceable or smooth and emotional, Tamarrow's new singles "CHANGES" and "SAFE GUARD" are prime examples of his impressive artistic versatility. Hear it yourself and find the singles on all digital streaming platforms.


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