Tambu-christel Expresses a Need for Passion With Her Singles, "Do It Right," and "Preach"

Coming in hot from Brooklyn, New York, the renowned Producer, and Singer/Songwriter Tambu-christel takes us on a sultry ride with her soulful singles, "Do It Right," and "Preach."

Being a former vocal student of none other than the legendary Willie Norwood, Tambu-christel's talent has been molded to satisfy the sonic cravings of listeners. Having begun her career in 2009 as an X-Factor (UK) contestant, Tambu-christel has shown incredible ambition towards her profession since her debut a decade ago.

Through her well-known hits, "Do It Right" and "Preach," Tambu-christel offers listeners two sweet R&B tunes that portray her desire for someone special. Through "Do It Right," Tambu-Christel serenades us over smooth and modern production while singing of someone she misses dearly.

Coming through with a sultry and sensual piece with "Preach," Tambu-christel offers listeners more of a nostalgic R&B/Soul song through the blend of organic/electronic instrumentals. Still managing to come through with desirous and playful lyricism and immense passion, Tambu-christel takes us on a blissful journey through the past and present of R&B.

Listening to "Do It Right," the song opens with softly distorted synths and the warm drop of a down-tempo R&B beat accompanied by Tambu-christel's magnetic vocals. While singing about doing someone right and wanting to share their love again, Tambu-christel offers a heavily intriguing vocal performance through her raw talent and natural desire.

The supporting production offers highly modern sonic elements through synthetic drum breaks, filtered rim-hits, and droning synths. Giving listeners a dose of passion and soul with this fresh single, we love how Tambu-christel molded this piece to offer a vast sense of infatuation.

Continuing this infatuated theme with the next track, "Preach," the song begins with smooth R&B keys, warm shakers, and organic percussion patterns that offer a bluesy atmosphere. As Tambu-christel makes her vocal appearance, she starts singing of wanting to connect with someone she desires and express their passion intimately.

Truly a beautiful song, as Tambu-christel layers her angelic vocals to offer a beam of light with each melody she sings accompanied by the nostalgic and warm instrumentals. Ending the song with Tambu-christel's captivating vocals, she gives listeners a powerful sense of passion through this smooth single.

Through two mesmerizing and desirous singles, Tambu-christel has shown vast talent towards her songwriting and musical craft with "Do It Right" and "Preach." Both singles allow listeners to submerge themselves in the sultry and chilling stylings of Tambu-christel.

We love the raw passion and desire you've delivered with both of your singles, "Do It Right" and "Preach." Seeing as these songs were created ten years apart, did you have the same inspiration for both the tracks?

No. My inspiration for Preach was the idea of loving someone so much but understanding it's time to let go therefore telling that person that we should celebrate each other in intimacy the right way before it all ends. I don’t recall ever going through that at the time but I remember writing that song based on that emotion and the instrumental gave me the right vibe for it at the time. Since then, ten years later, I’ve married and divorced twice. I gave birth to four children and my knowledge of love and life made me passionate about celebrating love with the experience. Loving the creation of a baby with a loved one. Celebrating caring for one another vs finessing people. Embracing admiration for a significant other vs pride and manipulation. I hope that’s what people receive from songs like this from me.

Speaking on your song "Do It Right," you've infused this single with modern and smooth R&B production. How did you craft the sonics to offer a sensual and desirous atmosphere that compliments your lyrics?

I grew up to artists like Brandy, Aaliyah, Toni Braxton, Boyz II Men, R Kelly, and babyface as well as many others so 1994 onwards was my era musically so I have that vibe inside of me.

As for my lyrical contents, I take pride in being a great poet/songwriter and I love to put smoothness in words that flow with our mind. Something poetic to sing to that makes you think that the entire song was written in ways people don’t write anymore. I want people to fly in amazing directions emotionally. I’d like to believe it makes me unique.

Regarding your single "Preach," we can hear more of a nostalgic R&B/Blues/Soul sound through the organic instrumentals. What changes have you made to your sonic creative process since the release of this single?

I honestly don’t think I’ve changed that much in that regard. I’ve been introduced to new producers but I chose those who reflected who I am. That’s the beauty of musical independence. You can be authentic to who you are and no one but you will change or manipulate that. My style of old school RnB to Mary J blige (because she sings to hip hop beats). There’s a lot of hip-hop influence to my music which you’ll get to know when hearing my debut album. I’m a soulful artist with loving messages overall.

Within both of your singles "Do It Right" and "Preach," you offer the same passionate and sultry lyrical theme. Would you say that most of your songs are inspired by love and passion? How do you execute this within your songwriting process?

I love love. I’m definitely a lover of love. Even when I’m heartbroken I hold on to the idea that one day I’ll find the love I know exists within myself. I was raised in love (not struggle) so I see love everywhere. Even doing this interview with you now feels like so much love. I’ll write a ding about it right after that I may name “Love Through Words!”

With five singles released stemming back to 2010, are listeners able to hear your artistic growth through your songs? How would you say your music and sound has changed over the years?

Yes, my finances changed so the contents grew. I’m an independent artist so many die down due to the lack of funds that are needed to record and promote! Many many talents just don’t have the money to work on their craft then release it the right way!! That’s unfortunately a fact. I gave up twice before for that reason!!! Now, I’m hoping that this last shot will be the right one so I’m giving it everything I got from production to exposure to give it the best chances of success. Supporters also notice that I am coming as a grown woman now with way more life experiences than before. The little girl that I was. Young, naive, and new with life and adulthood. Again, I’ve been married. I’ve had children. I traveled the world. I have a degree in business management now and experience in the music business and business consultancy so my knowledge in business is different. The way I portray myself is different. My choice in collaboration definitely differ. I think my business and brand inspire them. All this transpires in my sound and looks this time around.