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Tame the Wildfire That is Betty Moon's, "My Only One"

The Los Angeles-based versatile artist, singer-songwriter, and producer Betty Moon highlights her flaming single, "My Only One," off her latest 8-track album, 'COSMICOMA.'

Since being signed to a major label back in the 90s, Betty Moon has released ten thorough albums while defying industry trends and garnering worldwide attention. Through her vast sound ranging from rock, soul, punk-rock, electronic, and electro-pop, it's without a doubt that Betty Moon will leave any listener basking in her musical glory.

Currently highlighting her heated single, "My Only One," off her latest album, 'COSMICOMA,' Betty Moon pushes us deep into the song's heavy groove while touching on an incredibly relatable and powerful lyrical theme. As she immerses us in her lively rock/electro-pop sound, Betty Moon leaves any listener feeling the song's heat and power.

As we begin our venture into "My Only One," the song opens with short electric guitar punches and crisp drum breaks. As Betty Moon makes her powerful and sultry vocal appearance, she instantly delivers similarities to Stevie Nicks' sensual, haunting, and alluring vocal prowess. Expanding on the song's lyricism, Betty Moon delves into topics of wanting someone all to herself even though they're out and about with as many people as they please.

Reaching the powerful hook, Betty Moon and her accompanying instrumentation blaze through our speakers like a wildfire that's impossible to tame. We love the soul and grit of this single, as the song's instrumentals wail and scream in the background while leaving Moon shining bright in the spotlight.

Catch Betty Moon's heated single, "My Only One," on all digital streaming platforms, and take a listen to her recent 8-track album, 'COSMICOMA,' while you're at it.

It's a pleasure to have you with us at BuzzMusic, Betty Moon, we're truly getting down and dirty with the blazing feel of your latest hit, "My Only One." What inspired the creation of this powerful piece?

I was getting a bit nostalgic on 90's energy, good times, and riffs. Thinking about those times and relationships during that era, I conjured up some ideas to put together something authentic that could transport you to that time but still sound modern. I was also missing the guitar element in my music and decided to put that at the forefront for this album (and single). The drive of the song's chorus really hits it home, and I'm excited about fans old and new to check it out. What was your creative process like when crafting the heated instrumentation for "My Only One"? What sort of feel or vibe did you want to deliver?

I didn't really have an agenda for that exact riff, I was just messing around in the studio, and the idea sort of came to life. Most musicians can agree that when you come up with that random riff, it's like hitting gold and you know you're on to something good. I was for sure looking for anything driving, but sometimes you never know what you're going to come up with until you spend a few hours in your own head, just going with the flow. Could you expand on the theme or concept that runs through your album, 'COSMICOMA?' How does "My Only One" fit into the mix?

Combining the words Cosmic and Coma has been very reflective of reaching for stronger influences cosmically. This past year of being somewhat secluded from all human contact yet staying connected via whatever means we could. I was telling stories and creating lyrics while keeping this theme in mind. There are songs that are about different things in life, but it's really the vibe overall that I was going for and feeling very isolated. It was just a weird year so this was how I described it. Seeing that you have many years in our industry as a producer under your belt, did you ever face any challenges being a female producer in a male-dominated scene?

When I was younger, absolutely. When I was signed to labels other than my own, I often faced the scenario where other male producers, label execs, and musicians would share their 2 cents about everything and look puzzled when I pushing back with my own agenda. I think things will be better in 2021, but there's a stigma that some women can't carve their own path without the wisdom or help of a male music expert. I'm not generalizing, it wasn't all the time of course. I think because there are so many male producers, mixers, and label execs, we simply need more females to get interested in the roles and to make it happen. Do you have any words of advice for aspiring female producers?

If you have the ambition to do it, please follow your passions, learn the trade and get good at it. Find a mentor to help you sharpen your sword and get to know as many fellow industry people as you can. We need you! We need more females in the production/mix world and I think that will empower other female musicians to make amazing records and balance out the industry a bit more. What's next for you?

I'm currently writing new music for my next record while still pushing music from Cosmicoma throughout the Summer. There's never a day where I'm not coming up with new music or content, it's what I love to do. Thanks for checking out Betty Moon!


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