Tana Glimmers Her Charm in the Dark, "Bad Habits (Keep On Coming)"

At heart, Tana is a true artist and is inspired by many things around her including people, sexuality, her heritage (being half Italian and Nigerian), the city she grew up in, and the LGBT community.

She places diversity at heart and aims to make music that relates to the masses, whilst pushing her creativity at all times. Her array of influences create new ideas and sounds that break traditional boundaries by embodying the essence of Halsey and The Weeknd.

Her most recent single, “Bad Habits (Keep On Coming),” displays a brilliant scope into the artistic tractability that Tana portrays through her craft. Her vocals embrace an inviting warmth that shouts inclusivity through intricately crafted lyrics.

The harmonies exuded dip into an atmospheric realm of divine hues that are rich in passion with the energy she pursues throughout this record. With a repetitive hook that ushers you into its unforgettable aura, you can’t help but submit yourself to the talents that Tana showcases as she oozes vulnerability, authenticity, and an exclusive aptitude for melodic wistfulness.

What we admire the most about this record has to be the fact that through dark introspective instrumentation you still fixate on the illuminated glimmer that sparkles from Tana’s persona. Charismatic in the best way possible, you’re stimulated with an intriguing sense of mystery that weaves itself throughout a diverse lens peeking into Tana as an artist and individual. “Bad Habits (Keep On Coming),” has us eagerly coming back for more as the elaborate voyage of emotions heightens our senses for the greater good.

Carrying forth the unapologetic spirit that she owns, Tana’s musical creations won’t stop until the liberating essence is captured by all.

With such an interesting structure to the song, we would love for you to dive into "Bad Habits (Keep On Coming)" meaning. What inspired the lyrics? "Bad Habits (Keep On Coming)" is a song about relationships, particularly how a previous one can still have an effect on you despite being in a different chapter of life. Ultimately the song is about growth and development, but during this period I still found myself having old tendencies from a past relationship that I didn’t like. When I wrote the song, I realized that past experiences do have some sort of influence on you and they change you, but they don’t define you. I guess writing Bad Habits was kind of freeing in the sense that I acknowledged some things that I didn’t address before, and grew from them. Did you work with anyone on your team in order to bring this track to life? What was that experience like and did the vision come out exactly as hoped? I worked with Imad Salhi who is my go-to producer for literally everything & Chad The Polymath. I initially wrote the song over lockdown in my bedroom with my guitar, and it was also during this period that I started watching ‘Euphoria’. I instantly fell in love with the show and soundtrack, particularly ‘Mount Everest’ which is written by Labrinth, and wanted to create something similar in that vein. Bad Habits (Keep On Coming) is exactly what I imagined and I love it. What happens to be your favorite lyric released in “Bad Habits (Keep On Coming)?" Could you dissect its deeper meaning to us? “But if she tries to show me, love, I’d leave her at the door, just wanting more. And if she’s got a heart of stone, I’ll end up wanting her core." This is my favorite lyric because I think it says a lot about me and the kind of girls I like to date. If a girl shows me she’s too interested, I think it’s an instant turn-off. But if she’s playing hard to get, I like the chase. Dating really is like gambling, it’s exciting and risky, and the outcome is unknown.

With such an array of inspiration, do you find that creativity sparks at random times for you, or do you have a designated place to get your ideas out? I don’t really have a specific way of finding inspiration. I think it just comes to me when I least expect it as I always try not to force my creativity, but instead create organically. Sometimes I’ll have writer's block for months or weeks, and then suddenly I’ll have a burst of inspiration, and all these ideas come to me at once. What does help me though is writing music on my guitar, or just making note of something that I find interesting, and coming back to it when I want to write something new.