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Tanja Jeramaz Releases a Satirical Single with, "Boy Tears"

"A girl who sings about empowerment but is still trying to figure out how to love herself," the Los Angeles-based pop artist and singer-songwriter Tanja Jeramaz unite the ladies with a feminist anthem, "Boy Tears."

Using songwriting as a form of therapy, Tanja Jeramaz uses her creativity to make sense of the world around her. Hoping listeners can find a piece of themselves through her music, Jeramaz writes in the style of pop with an edgy twist, keeping fans on their toes with every twist and turn.

Bringing the ladies together with her groundbreaking single, "Boy Tears," Tanja Jeramaz shares the age-old tale of infidelity while reminding us that what goes around comes around. Alluding to the 'girl code,' Tanja Jeramaz stomps her way through this modern pop tune and leaves her audience empowered to take on life's trials and tribulations.

Listening to "Boy Tears," the song softly opens with a dreamy array of synths and warm pop keys. Tanja Jeramaz doesn't waste a second as she jumps into the song with the incredibly blunt and relatable lyricism of unfaithfulness and betrayal. Around the hook, Jeramaz's powerful vocal layering offers us a similar confident flair to Taylor Swift, stopping at nothing until her audience is enthralled by each empowering lyric.

Diving deeper into Tanja Jeramaz's lyricism, she urges to turn the tables and let the boys cry for her while collecting the tears of all those who've done Jeramaz wrong. The uplifting and punchy pop production offers all the power we need to join hands and move forward from past hardships, especially alongside Tanja Jeramaz's thrilling and poised performance.

Move onward and upward with help from Tanja Jeramaz's latest empowering feminist anthem, "Boy Tears," now available to bump on all streaming platforms.

We love the empowering theme and message you've tied into your latest single, "Boy Tears." When did you realize that you needed to create this powerful feminist anthem?

This song idea came to me after I found out my college boyfriend also had a secret girlfriend back home. After ending things with him, he continued seeing his hometown girlfriend until she too found out about his relationship with me. Soon after, his now ex-girlfriend started dating his best friend. The song alludes to the "girl code" and is a feminist anthem to unite the ladies. Instead of pitting us two girls against each other in a tug of war for this boy, his ex and I both left him in a pool of his own boy tears. I wanted to change the narrative surrounding cheating, to dispel the notion that when your boyfriend cheats it’s the girl he’s cheating on you with’s fault. I wanted to give the power back to the ladies.

The sonics and production within "Boy Tears" are deeply magnetic and energetic. How did you want your audience to feel after experiencing the exciting sonic arrangement?

I want my audience to walk away from the song feeling empowered and confident. I wanted this to be a song that you blast with your girlfriend’s in the car and scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs.

Did you work with any producers/songwriters/musicians when creating your single "Boy Tears?”

Yes, I created the song with my producer BOIA! I’m so grateful to be working with such a talented producer who gets my vision right away. I came up with the melody and lyrics on my own then took them to my producer and he created the energetic and powerful beat you hear on the song.

Should listeners expect more witty, blunt, and satirical songs from you in the future? Is this something you'd like to keep incorporating into your music?

My songs will always be blunt- I write about specific situations I have experienced usually in detail. However, every song is different and shows my entire range of emotions. Some songs will be powerful and uplifting while some will show vulnerability and rawness. I think too often people are pigeon-holed into an idea of who they and society think they should be. What I want to convey in my music that you can be a little bit of everything. I want to be a little bit of everything. I am the strong feminist singer who has, at times, forgotten her worth and dated guys who treated her badly - a girl who sings about empowerment but is still trying to figure out how to love herself.

What's next for you?

Currently, I am working on my first EP with my producer BOIA!

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