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Tantalizing Hues Surface in Susannah B's "Spirits in the Material World"

Susannah B is an acclaimed singer-songwriter, screenwriter, mom, and philanthropist. A Los Angeles resident for most of her adult life, this Broadway baby grew up in Manhattan in what she calls, a cradle of creativity.

Now known for her sultry, ethereal vocals, and catchy yet sophisticated singer-songwriter pop style, Susannah B has released four albums of her own songs, which can be heard in films, on MTV, on radio stations across the country, and on the Billboard charts.

While her music has always been a little hard to categorize, the powerhouse vocalist showcases an impressive vocal range and stylistic versatility that continually garners rave reviews.

Placing our focus on her most recent EP, ‘Deep House Sessions’ produced by j. wells, Susannah B has us immersed in “Spirits in the Material World.” The soothing atmosphere of synths radiates a striking framework that pulls us deep into the energetic layers of musical advancement.

The sparse yet impactful application of Susannah B’s otherworldly vocal performance has us whirling in a universe that is riddled with thought-provoking motifs that embed themselves into your mind. Like a myriad of notes cascade upon the unforgettable instrumentation, the marvelous flow of her energy creates an illuminating aura that has Susannah B elevated to newfound dimensions.

The pulsating grooves have you gravitating towards the dynamic fluency that is etched into “Spirits in the Material World,” as if you’ve entered a seemingly sagacious world that prides itself on bringing important matters to the surface.

Amalgamating with the feathery timbres of Susannah B, the delicate vocalization is paired with a structure that makes it impossible for you to turn your back on. Earworm repetition transports you into the custom emotion that Susannah B has intended for listeners to embrace, all while the interpretation of this song can be formally viewed through the listener’s unique lens.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Susannah B. We love the energy that “Spirits in the Material World,” brings to the foreground of your project. Could you please share the deeper meaning of this song from your viewpoint?

I think this song is very meaningful. The original “Spirits in The Material World” by The Police was written by Sting, who is one of my crush-idols. He’s such a wise, deep, philosophical songwriter. So many of Sting’s songs address global themes that are still important. In 1981 -- forty years ago, wide-eyed shock emoji! -- Sting was writing super-danceable songs about the negative effect of computers on our humanity and how we were destroying the environment. For me, “Spirits” is about the conflict between our true nature and the physical world we live in.

What do you hope that listeners can reflect on while indulging in the elusive atmosphere you create in this record?

Well, it’s like one of my favorite spiritual teachers Michael Beckwith says: “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” To me, “We are spirits in the material world” is the same thing. I’m a journal-keeper, a therapy person, I work hard at being aware of how my actions affect other people. And I know from personal experience, it’s challenging to try and live from a place of connection to my inner, spiritual essence when I’m surrounded by such a loud world that’s obsessed with the superficial -- obsessed with how people look rather than what they say or do, obsessed with how much stuff we can accumulate and how expensive it is. I want this song to be a reminder of what’s really important.

In terms of the concept that ‘Deep House Sessions’ brings to the table, what are you hoping to project through the themes and messaging of the three tracks conveyed?

I’ve always been attracted to songs and written songs that preached a certain kind of “spiritual” approach to life, and on this album, the songs are about celebrating life and remembering who we really are -- our deepest, truest nature (which is what I call God). It’s a very positive and uplifting trio of songs -- empowering, even. I did that on purpose because I feel like we’re all so overloaded all the time with bad news and negativity, I want to lighten the load a little bit with my music. So these songs were made to motivate, inspire, and make you want to get up and dance, run, jump, work out, clean the house, hike up a steep hill – these tunes hopefully get you moving.

How does the electronic, dance ambiance of this song, and project, compare to other songs heard in your music catalog?

Well, my last release was a retro-style jazz album, so this is pretty different! In that way, I’m kind of like Lady Gaga -- I like to sing old-fashioned standards and I also love to dance. I’ve never done an entire album of dance music like this, but I’ve always been about groove – every album of mine has had some toe-tapping, rockin’ songs. But DEEP HOUSE SESSIONS is a new direction for me into club music. I’m one of those people who likes to be on the dance floor all night long rather than hanging at a table, shouting over the music. I just love to dance. Even as I was finishing up my 2018 release FAR MORE, I knew I wanted to take a few of the songs and do remixes that were faster and more danceable. And I was so lucky to find a talented young DJ guy -- my collaborator j. wells -- who did such an awesome job creating a completely different sonic landscape from my original recordings. I love the remixes and I’m really happy with how this project turned out.


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