TANTRiX Showcases Their Unified Sound in Their Recent Releases

Pop/Rock band TANTRiX hails from Toronto, Ontario. They are pushing themselves into the music scene to present their expressive and unifying sound! TANTRiX consists of members Eddie Silver and Matt Mio, and the duo combines their diverse musical backgrounds to manifest the true sounding of the band. That true alternative sounding is there, along with the imminent pop and rock characteristics you can see blended within their overall sound.

2019 saw the release of TANTRiX’s single “We Become One”, which highlighted such a good foundation of their sound. We think that “We Become One” is the perfect track to represent the sound that is TANTRiX, as it focuses on their innate artistic abilities and personas. We get a similar approach in their second release of 2019, “Lost in My Dreams”. TANTRiX’s sounding in “Lost in My Dreams” is seriously catchy! It’s the type of track we could expect to be found within our Discover Weekly on Spotify—that’s how much it resonates with our sound! As a predominant Alternative band, TANTRiX displays its alternative abilities and constructs to listeners in such a keen way. They know the ins and outs of what makes an alternative track truly a quality one that embeds their necessary components to thrive. We aren’t too worried about TANTRiX’s ability to thrive in the music scene—they’ve showcased that their sounding is pivotal at this time! Their way of shaping their music is so clearly evident in their sound, which is why he highly recommend our BuzzMusic listeners to check them out to understand from your perspective!

Discover the musical stylings of TANTRiX here.

Hey there, TANTRiX! Great to have you back here on BuzzMusic to talk about your 2019! Did you expect the progression that TANTRiX made in 2019 to happen?! It's been a pretty big year for you! ​

Thank you for having us back, it's always a pleasure working with BuzzMusic. This year was definitely a big year for us as we released our first two singles, marking the start of our musical journey as a band. Our progression this year has been slow and steady which is what we expected for as a new band just beginning to grow our audience and spread awareness of our music and talent. 

Congratulations on the releases of “We Become One” and “Lost in My Dreams”! How did these two 2019 releases compare in terms of the writing and recording process?

Strangely the two singles we released this year are polar opposites in terms of the approach we took to writing and recording each song. "We Become One" was the first song we ever recorded as a band and the last song that we recorded together while making our debut album was "Lost In My Dreams". Sonically the two pair very well together despite being written and recorded almost a year apart from each other and in completely different locations. "We Become One" took us about one week to write and record ourselves in our home studio. "Lost In My Dreams" was written in 10 minutes flat and recorded over 2 days in a garage! Since "We Become One" was our first song that we decided to record ourselves, the process for production took us much longer because we were just starting to hone in on our original and unique sound as a band. We wrote "Lost In My Dreams" during a spontaneous jam while we were in the studio mixing what we thought would be our last song on our debut album. We instantly realized we had to add the song to our album, so we scrambled in 2 days to record it and have it mixed before the studio time we had booked ran out. One song was carefully, slowly crafted and the other song was pumped out super quick.

All in all, 2019 seems to have been a successful year for TANTRiX. Is there anything that either of you would change artistically about the year? 

​In terms of the music that we wrote during 2019, there is nothing artistically or production wise that we would've liked to change or do differently. We would have liked to play some more live shows this year and booking a tour of the United States is a major goal of ours for 2020. 

We’ve heard about the projected release of your 2020 album, set for January! That’s so incredibly exciting! As a 13-track album, where did the major inspirations stem from in order to curate it?

​Like most musicians, Eddie and i both share a passion for finding and actively listening to new bands as well as many different genres of music. We try to draw inspiration and learn from all the music we become aware of so that we can add interesting licks from unexpected genres to the classic rock foundation and pop structure of our songs essentially recycling something old and perhaps cliche into something new and refreshing. Our album offers listeners a cohesive spectrum of pop-rock music with songs ranging in inspiration from Lynyrd Skynyrd-like southern blues rock to The Clash style brit rock to a George Michael saxophone-drenched ballad, and dare i say it, even a Beiber-like Top 40 pop track!

How do the two of you typically resolve creative disputes? Do you find that your vision for the sounding of TANTRiX is similar in general?

​We definitely see eye to eye 99% of the time in terms of our vision for how our music should sound. Writing and producing music together is quite easy for us two as we both share the same level of professional approach and a perfectionist attitude towards our music. We rarely have conflicting opinions on our artistic direction but when we do we try to talk it out and resolve our differences right away so that we don't waste time or cause any unnecessary drama between us. Being in a two-man band is relatively simple because if we disagree on our artistic direction we both can't move forward, we have no choice but to address whatever issues arise so that we can continue. In a band with more than two people, one person's opinions on artistic direction might get outweighed or outvoted by the other members and things can still progress onwards despite someone in the band disagreeing. We have had to learn how to communicate openly as well as make compromises in order to continue our journey.

It was really great featuring TANTRiX here on BuzzMusic! We’re seriously anticipating the release of your 2020 album, but for now, we’ll listen to your 2019 singles and get along just well! What’re the next major steps besides the album for the band?

Thank you again for featuring us! We are definitely excited to release our debut album in the new year and share it with the world. As i mentioned before, our next major step for TANTRiX is to book a tour of the United States during 2020. We want to play as many shows as well can in the coming new year as well as further develop our fan base. We've also been planning to have some really cool merchandise available for purchase at our shows and on our band website!