Tap Into A Certain Energy's Charismatic Single, "Foreign"

Shain Romanowski, better known by his stage name A Certain Energy, is an Asian-American rapper based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Back in Saipan, he was introduced to music by his father who used to record ballads in various genres of acoustic, rock, etc. As time went on he molded ACE by providing him with lessons on how to control his diaphragm as well as studying other artists by watching them perform.

ACE joined the United States Marines after graduating high school and served overseas. He quit music three times to be exact prior to being overseas. After the death of his best friend, Darian Asher-Layman, he took it upon himself to make his dream come true in honor of him. Now, a signed artist under record label Sinclair Media Group, ACE is working towards providing quality music and videography through his craft.

The latest serving of heated dynamism comes in the form of A Certain Energy’s latest single “Foreign.” With amplified instrumentation that plays upon a unique medley of bass-forward synths, tightly knit percussion patterns and enticing allure, the fortified foundation that makes up the musical structure of this record already places itself in the heavyweight division.

Once A Certain Energy collides with this framework in a certified, dominant manner, the intensity of “Foreign,” picks up with the introduction of a melodically flowing chorus rich in texture. The saturation that’s added to the top-tier mix quality allows the song to reside in a realm of digitally backed power, with a slight analog hue. A Certain Energy’s unmatched vigor places him in an exclusive category with his icy, slick cadences and blatant rhyme schemes.