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Tap Into A Certain Energy's Charismatic Single, "Foreign"

Shain Romanowski, better known by his stage name A Certain Energy, is an Asian-American rapper based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Back in Saipan, he was introduced to music by his father who used to record ballads in various genres of acoustic, rock, etc. As time went on he molded ACE by providing him with lessons on how to control his diaphragm as well as studying other artists by watching them perform.

ACE joined the United States Marines after graduating high school and served overseas. He quit music three times to be exact prior to being overseas. After the death of his best friend, Darian Asher-Layman, he took it upon himself to make his dream come true in honor of him. Now, a signed artist under record label Sinclair Media Group, ACE is working towards providing quality music and videography through his craft.

The latest serving of heated dynamism comes in the form of A Certain Energy’s latest single “Foreign.” With amplified instrumentation that plays upon a unique medley of bass-forward synths, tightly knit percussion patterns and enticing allure, the fortified foundation that makes up the musical structure of this record already places itself in the heavyweight division.

Once A Certain Energy collides with this framework in a certified, dominant manner, the intensity of “Foreign,” picks up with the introduction of a melodically flowing chorus rich in texture. The saturation that’s added to the top-tier mix quality allows the song to reside in a realm of digitally backed power, with a slight analog hue. A Certain Energy’s unmatched vigor places him in an exclusive category with his icy, slick cadences and blatant rhyme schemes.

As he transitions between a melodic drive, and quickly paced verses, lyrical motifs such as ‘Always bout my paper flex that origami,’ has us eager to spend our days grinding hard for what we’re looking to accomplish. Backing up the intricately crafted words performed with an abundance of high octane liveliness, A Certain Energy’s status continues to elevate when he places his remarkable talents on display.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, A Certain Energy. A big congratulations on the release of “Foreign.” You most certainly live up to your name in this track! Could you please tap into the inspiration that helped shape this song?

Thank you! The one thing I always promise with every release is to give certain energy, so why not make it my name [laughs]. What drives the inspiration behind “Foreign” has basically been my time throughout the industry. I have interned for record labels, been behind the scenes as a songwriter for artists and labels, the whole nine. Songs I helped create I don’t have credits for that went on to gain millions of streams due to me being hired on as a ghostwriter. It is what it is. You have to pay your dues in order to push forward. The concept behind “Foreign” is always striving for more, and always achieving past your goals. Like I said, putting in the work behind the scenes made me become the artist I am today. So, I’d like to thank Sinclair Media Group in the United Kingdom for seeing the potential in me to sign me on for a year to give me the accolades I deserve.

With a rush of energy that charges through our speakers, we would love to know; what the studio session looked like when creating “Foreign?”

Since I entered the music industry as a songwriter, I created an in-home studio. Sinclair Media Group is based out of the United Kingdom, while I reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana. David Sinclair-Black, the owner of Sinclair Media Group, first started as a record producer. We created “Foreign” two years ago actually back in 2019. It went through a couple of renditions before we came to a final cut, and me signing on. When David presented the beat to me via e-mail the hook came to me the moment I heard it. Prior to listening to it I made sure my studio was a full-on vibe. Had a light show going on, a notebook with a pen was ready to go, it was just space where creativity was ready to blow up. At the time I had a roommate by the name of Min Aung who is a close friend of mine that hangs out with me when I write from time to time. He was there for it. The very first rendition of “Foreign” to it finally releasing this year. The overall vibe during the creation of this song was breathtaking because the lyrics were written and performed in almost one night. Talk about a studio session for the history books.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the themes and messages addressed?

I want the audience to understand that nothing is given, but always earned. That if you truly have a dream/desire in life that you should go after it regardless of the masses. At the end of the day you only have one shot at life, so why not do something you’ll enjoy till your time is up. Everyone is so worried about money but doesn’t understand the concept that it can always be made. The one currency you’ll never get back in time. Spend your time wisely and go after it.

What motivates you to keep pushing through in the music industry? Any words of advice for those looking to follow a similar route?

It’s a subject I’m still not used to talking about, but a close friend of mine passed away on August 1st, 2016. His name is Darian Asher-Layman. I was in the Marines at the time stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Actually, I was in Sasebo, Japan on a train to Nagasaki to fly back to Okinawa for an operation when his fiancé at the time called me with the heartbreaking news. I didn’t know what to do. I was alone on that train with thoughts running through my head in disbelief. The moment I hit the airport I went straight to a gift shop to buy two Nagasaki key chains, one for me and one for him, to forever remember that day. I vowed a promise to make it in the industry with everything I’ve got in honor of him, so here we are today. My advice to anyone looking to follow a similar route I’d recommend that you give it all you got. There will be days you have $10,000 in the account, and there will be days you have a couple of dollars. Don’t let the obstacles you face hinder your way towards success. The one person stopping you from conquering your dreams is yourself. The support will come along the way, but until then you have to put in the work.

What would you like new listeners to know about your music?

When it comes to my music I love writing about everything. I’m inspired by everyday life which is another reason why I live in downtown Fort Wayne since there is always something going on. I just watch the world from my balcony and make sure some pens and paper are by my side. My discography will always have a vibe for someone to put on one of their playlists. Anything from R&B, Trap, Hip-Hop, Lo-Fi, Alternative, you name it. I come from a family where we don’t discriminate genres because music is something the world needs to keep it turning. Thus, why not give your playlist A Certain Energy [laughs].

What can we expect to hear from you next?

My follow-up release to “Foreign” is titled “Fake Love” which is set to release in a few months with another music video on VEVO! There’s also a good amount of features I’ve done that is set to release as well sometime in the near future. I also plan on working with some Punk Rock bands soon that want a Hip-Hop verse tied in with their songs as well. Like I said before I don’t write to a specific genre, so the future holds a good amount of promise on the creative end. Can’t wait for you guys to tune in!


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